The 'Kleist' Page is dedicated to researching and gathering the history of my family ancestry and their descendants. These ancestors came to America in the mid to late 1800s and eventually settled in the areas of Carver, McLeod, Scott and Sibley County, Minnesota. The surnames of those ancestors are listed below:

             Beckman Brockhoff/Brockoff Dreier
  Harms Jaus Kamps
  Kleist Madden Mielke
  Neutgens Panning Pass
  Payne Steinke/Sternke Strobel
  Voight/Voigt Weseloh Williams

A primary goal is to establish contact with as many descendants of these ancestors as is possible. Through this contact it is hoped that their interest is sparked in genealogy and that they become contributors and fellow researchers. All information no matter how small is of value.

The 'Kleist' Page shows up in several forms on the internet. All sites except the "The 'Kleist' Page (Private View) contain limited information:

The 'Kleist' Page (Public View) - This is the site where you are currently looking. The site contains very basic data on all deceased family members. Only the names of living people are shown and there is no connection made to any of the living family members. The goal of this site is to provide enough facts and names to any who are searching the internet. At that point, it is hoped they will contact me and become a contributor of this project.

The 'Kleist' Page (Private View) - This is the password restricted site that contains the bulk of the history. This includes fact, citations, photos, obits, articles and various artificates that are relevant to the various family members. Contact Steve Kleist for access.

The 'Kleist' Page (Rootsweb) - This link sends a viewer to my database on RootsWeb. Basically the same information as the "Public View" except all living people are show with a first name of "Living". If you know who you are in the family tree, one can usually find themself.

The 'Kleist' Page ( - This link goes to and requires membership and access rights from me. This site has the basic information on everyone, but is not viewable without permission. Main goal is that it show up searches and people can then inquire for details.

As any genealogist will state, "I apologize for any errors!" Genealogy is ripe with the proliferation and introduction of errors. Every attempt is made to catch, sort through and correct them, but they still happen. I am interested in fixing any error, no matter how small.