John Stanley

Lauryn Antania Stanley

Linda Stanley

Michael Stanley

Robert Stanley

b. 3 February 1946, d. 3 March 1967
FatherGeorge Norton Stanley b. 25 Nov 1910, d. 24 Dec 1987
MotherLouise Mary Aiken b. 6 Sep 1921, d. May 2018
Birth*Robert Stanley was born on 3 February 1946. 
Death* On Friday, 3 March 1967 at age 21, he died. 
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Christopher Gordon Stans

Jennie Leann Stans

Jerome John Stans

Marriage* Jerome John Stans and Margaret Harriet Scheffler were married. 

Jordan William Stans

Margaret Ann Stans

Wilfred William Stans Jr.

Dale Evans Stanton

Dolores Elaine Stanton

Marriage* Dolores Elaine Stanton and Gary Douglas Cross were married. 

Dona Lyn Stanton

Marriage* Dona Lyn Stanton and James Richard Prusak were married. 

Ellen Stanton

Emma Elizabeth Stanton

Marriage* Emma Elizabeth Stanton and Ludwig Christian Naumann were married. 
Marriage* On 17 December 1901 Emma Elizabeth Stanton and Andrew Dye were married. 


Ludwig Christian Naumann

Kevin Dale Stanton

Rodney Gordon Stanton

Samuel Stanton

Sarah Stanton

Tony Stanton

Jean M. Stanul

Christ C. Stapf

Marriage* Christ C. Stapf and Gladys A. Gigstad were married. 

George Alvin Stapf

Lena Staple

Name Variation Lena Staple was also known as Lena Stapel. 
Marriage* On 29 September 1906 Lena Staple and Theophile Ochu were married at Minnesota, USA.