Lori May Smythe

Anna Cate Snapko

James Thomas Snapko

Kyzr Vaughn Snapko

Lee Thomas Snapko

Marriage* Lee Thomas Snapko and Karen Louise Muck were married. 

Stella Elisabeth Snapko

Shirley Snell

Marriage* Shirley Snell and Melvin Neren were married. 

Nancy M. Snelson

Marriage* Nancy M. Snelson and Carl John Eidsvold were married. 


Carl John Eidsvold

(?) Snicker



Bobbie Snider

Jennifer Lynn Snitker

Lawrence Snitker

Marriage* Lawrence Snitker and Helen Marie Goeke were married. 


Helen Marie Goeke

Robert John Snitker

b. 3 September 1955, d. 8 July 1990
FatherLawrence Snitker
MotherHelen Marie Goeke
Birth*Robert John Snitker was born on 3 September 1955 at Iowa, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 8 July 1990 at age 34, he died from injuries sustained in a one car accident at Iowa, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Robert John Snitker on 11 July 1990 at Iowa, USA.. 
Burial On 11 July 1990 Robert John Snitker was buried at Iowa, USA. 

Jason Snodgrass

Beryle Arlene Snow

b. 19 November 1920, d. 20 September 1999
FatherWinfield Everett Snow b. 4 Oct 1890
MotherMargaret Schreiber b. 25 Oct 1890, d. 5 Dec 1973
Name Variation Beryle Arlene Snow was also known as Arlene. 
Marriage* Beryle Arlene Snow and William Monroe LeSuer, son of Bertram Monroe LeSuer and Jennie May Beham, were married. 
Birth*Beryle Arlene Snow was born on 19 November 1920 at Illinois, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 20 September 1999 at age 78, she died from heart attack/stroke at Ohio, USA. 

Chad Andrew Snow

Reverend Greg Snow

Issac Cutter Snow

Marriage* Issac Cutter Snow and Angelina White were married. 


Angelina White

Mindy Christina Snow

Vaughn Edwin Snow

Winfield Everett Snow

b. 4 October 1890
FatherIssac Cutter Snow
MotherAngelina White
Birth*Winfield Everett Snow was born on 4 October 1890 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* Winfield Everett Snow and Margaret Schreiber, daughter of Henry Julius Schreiber and Hulda Matilda Frank, were married. 
Marriage* Winfield Everett Snow and Ella H. Schreiber, daughter of Henry Julius Schreiber and Hulda Matilda Frank, were married. 


Margaret Schreiber b. 25 Oct 1890, d. 5 Dec 1973

Brittany Snyder

Brittany Ann Snyder

Darren Snyder

Edna Snyder

Marriage* Edna Snyder and Alfred Hensel were married.