Carl John Reber

Marriage* He and Jeanette Magdelena Martini were married. 

Harvey Charles Reber

Augusta Rebischke

Marriage* She and Emil Kresin were married. 


Emil Kresin

Gertrude Rebischke

Marriage* She and Frederick Hoernemann were married. 

Cassandra Claire Rebman

Lawrence Joseph Rebman

Connie Lynn Rebrovich

Shelly Renee Rebrovich

Stephen Anthony Rebrovich Jr.

Elmer Karl Rech

Marriage* He and Myrtle (?) were married. 


Myrtle (?)

Unknown Child #1 Rech

Unknown Child #2 Rech

Wayne O. Rech

b. 25 March 1930, d. 20 March 1976
FatherElmer Karl Rech
MotherMyrtle (?)
Birth*Wayne O. Rech was born on 25 March 1930 at Illinois, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 20 March 1976 at age 45, Wayne O. Rech died at Illinois, USA. 

Leonard Vern Reck

Marriage* He and Maxine Eloise Davis were married. 

Loretta Fern Reck

Evelyn Verna Redd

b. 3 June 1911, d. 9 August 2002
FatherHarvey Edward Redd
MotherAnna B. Bauman
Birth*Evelyn Verna Redd was born on 3 June 1911 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* On 14 June 1930 she and Leighton Albert Randall, son of Albert Randall and Paulina Miesch, were married at Michigan, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 9 August 2002 at age 91, Evelyn Verna Redd died. 


Leighton Albert Randall b. 15 Jul 1908

Harvey Edward Redd

Marriage* He and Anna B. Bauman were married. 


Anna B. Bauman

Elsie Anna Reddemann

Marriage* She and Ernest Emil Borchardt were married. 


Ernest Emil Borchardt

Linda Anna Reddemann

Marriage* She and Walter T. Thoele were married. 

Keith Robert Redding

Reverend William N. Redeker

Amelia Anne Redel

b. 25 June 1859, d. 8 February 1891
Birth*Amelia Anne Redel was born on 25 June 1859 at Germany. 
Marriage* On 15 July 1875 she and John Gustav Matz, son of Johann Michael Matz and Wilhemine Erdman, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 8 February 1891 at age 31, Amelia Anne Redel died at Minnesota, USA. 


John Gustav Matz b. 20 Nov 1852, d. 20 Apr 1925

Ruth Ann Redet

b. circa 1950, d. 23 May 2013
Birth*Ruth Ann Redet was born circa 1950. 
Death* On Thursday, 23 May 2013, Ruth Ann Redet died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held on 28 May 2013for Ruth Ann Redet at Wisconsin, USA. 

Reverend Tim Redfield

Anna Caroline Redick

Marriage* She and Reverend William Zabel were married. 


Reverend William Zabel