Emil Schmidt

b. 5 September 1876, d. 21 June 1958
Marriage* Emil Schmidt and Wilhelmine Taube, daughter of David Hermann Taube and Augusta Caroline Ristau, were married. 
Birth*Emil Schmidt was born on 5 September 1876 at Prussia. 
Death* On Saturday, 21 June 1958 at age 81, he died. 
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Taube Family Tree

Emily Elizabeth Schmidt

Emma Schmidt

b. 13 June 1895, d. 30 January 1920
FatherFrederick Schmidt
MotherAugusta Knote
Birth*Emma Schmidt was born on 13 June 1895 at Nebraska, USA. 
Marriage* On 20 November 1915 Emma Schmidt and Erwin Paul Gerhard, son of Herman Gerhard and Amalie Marie Schmidt, were married at Texas, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 30 January 1920 at age 24, she died from tetanus (lockjaw). at Texas, USA. 
Burial* Emma Schmidt was buried at Texas, USA. 


Erwin Paul Gerhard b. 7 Feb 1894, d. 16 Feb 1949

Emma A. Schmidt

b. 23 April 1873, d. 11 October 1954
FatherGustave Schmitt
Birth*Emma A. Schmidt was born on 23 April 1873 at Posen, Germany. 
Marriage* On circa 1890 Emma A. Schmidt and John George Stephan, son of Jacob Stephan and Mary Schoenberger, were married. 
Death* On Monday, 11 October 1954 at age 81, she died from cancer of the gallbladder at Pennsylvania, USA. 
Burial* On 14 October 1954 Emma A. Schmidt was buried at Pennsylvania, USA. 


John George Stephan b. 30 May 1867, d. 5 Sep 1937
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Emma E. Schmidt

Marriage* Emma E. Schmidt and Wiliam Buetow were married. 


Wiliam Buetow

Esther Blanche Schmidt

Marriage* Esther Blanche Schmidt and Benjamin Ferdinana Holtz were married. 

Eugene Arthur Schmidt

Eunice E. Schmidt

b. 10 February 1931, d. 23 September 2017
FatherPhillipp Ernst Schmidt
MotherEmma Seltz
Birth*Eunice E. Schmidt was born on 10 February 1931 at Minnesota, USA. 
BaptismShe was baptized on 22 February 1931 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 25 August 1951 Eunice E. Schmidt and Marvin Frank Rolf, son of Frank William Charles Rolf and Frieda W. Panning, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 23 September 2017 at age 86, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Eunice E. Schmidt on 27 September 2017 at Minnesota, USA.. 
Burial On 27 September 2017 Eunice E. Schmidt was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Eva Schmidt

Marriage* Eva Schmidt and John Kieffer were married. 


John Kieffer

Eva Margaretha Schmidt

Marriage* Eva Margaretha Schmidt and Gerhard Bongard were married. 


Gerhard Bongard

Evelyn Jean Schmidt

Reverend F. C. Schmidt

Fred Schmidt

Marriage* Fred Schmidt and Leona Heller were married. 


Leona Heller

Frederick Schmidt

Marriage* Frederick Schmidt and Augusta Knote were married. 


Augusta Knote

Gary Frank Schmidt

Gary Lee Schmidt

Gavin James Schmidt

Genevieve F. Schmidt

d. 29 February 2004
FatherAlbert Schmidt
MotherBlanche Francis
Name Variation Genevieve F. Schmidt was also known as Genny. 
Marriage* On 12 July 1941 Genevieve F. Schmidt and Elmer Wilhelm Arthur Luepke, son of Fred August Albert Luepke and Ella Bertha Antoinie Krause, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 29 February 2004, she died. 


Elmer Wilhelm Arthur Luepke b. 17 Dec 1918, d. 28 Jul 2009

Geraldine Jane Schmidt


David Everett Fuglsang b. 8 May 1945

Gilbert Benjamin Schmidt

Gladys Hilda Wilhelmine Schmidt


Roger Louis Braun b. 30 Jan 1934, d. 3 Apr 2006

Grandchild Placeholder Schmidt

Hannah Marie Schmidt

Henry Louis Schmidt

Marriage* Henry Louis Schmidt and Irene Mahlmann were married. 


Irene Mahlmann

Henry Schmidt Sr.

Marriage* Henry Schmidt Sr. and Dorothea Ritter were married.