Dale Allen Schlueter



Dora Schlueter

Marriage* Dora Schlueter and Hans Schwitzer were married. 


Hans Schwitzer

Dorthea Marie Emilie Schlueter

Marriage* Dorthea Marie Emilie Schlueter and Heinrich Louis Sprengeler were married. 


Heinrich Louis Sprengeler

Eberhard Schlueter

Marriage* Eberhard Schlueter and La Verna Lempher were married. 

Edwin Herman Schlueter

Marriage* Edwin Herman Schlueter and Helen Clara Wilma Koester were married. 

Elmer Robert Schlueter

Marriage* Elmer Robert Schlueter and Geraldine Bertha Bethke were married. 

Emmaline Catherine Schlueter

b. 29 November 1943, d. 2 April 2010
FatherHarold Frank Schlueter
MotherMargaret Luedtke
Name Variation Emmaline Catherine Schlueter was also known as Emmy. 
Birth*She was born on 29 November 1943 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 2 April 2010 at age 66, she died from progressive supranuclear palsy at Minnesota, USA. 

Erna Martha Schlueter

Evangeline Emeila Augusta Schlueter

Marriage* Evangeline Emeila Augusta Schlueter and George Gerdes Kruse were married. 

Harold Frank Schlueter

Marriage* Harold Frank Schlueter and Margaret Luedtke were married. 


Margaret Luedtke

Joelle Joy Schlueter

Kelly Schlueter

Mary Margaret Schlueter

Marriage* Mary Margaret Schlueter and Leroy William Reitz were married. 

Michael Schlueter

Reverend Orville W. Schlueter

Ryan Schlueter

Samuel Frederick Schlueter

Marriage* Samuel Frederick Schlueter and Magdelina Wilhelmia Abraham were married. 


Magdelina Wilhelmia Abraham

Sherri Schlueter

d. before 9 November 1998
Death* Before 9 November 1998, she died. 

Stanley Edwin Schlueter

Trule Nan Schlueter

Walter A. Schlueter

b. 19 April 1894, d. 3 March 1975
FatherSamuel Frederick Schlueter
MotherMagdelina Wilhelmia Abraham
Marriage* Walter A. Schlueter and Dorothy H. Maas, daughter of Frank Maas and Hulda Nickel, were married. 
Birth*Walter A. Schlueter was born on 19 April 1894 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 3 March 1975 at age 80, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
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William Eugene Schlueter

Marriage* William Eugene Schlueter and Geraldine Audrey Wright were married. 

Karlyn M. Schlundt

b. 15 September 1936, d. 25 June 2002
FatherOtto Schlundt
MotherClara Hynek
Birth*Karlyn M. Schlundt was born on 15 September 1936 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* On 21 October 1961 Karlyn M. Schlundt and Robert L. Burtard, son of Lester Burtard, were married at Wisconsin, USA; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in art education. 
Death* On Tuesday, 25 June 2002 at age 65, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Karlyn M. Schlundt on 29 June 2002 at Wisconsin, USA.. 

Otto Schlundt

Marriage* Otto Schlundt and Clara Hynek were married. 


Clara Hynek

Elmer Roman Schmainda

Marriage* Elmer Roman Schmainda and Hannelore Emilie Maule were married.