Chad Andrew Snow

Reverend Greg Snow

Issac Cutter Snow

Marriage* Issac Cutter Snow and Angelina White were married. 


Angelina White

Mindy Christina Snow

Vaughn Edwin Snow

Winfield Everett Snow

b. 4 October 1890
FatherIssac Cutter Snow
MotherAngelina White
Birth*Winfield Everett Snow was born on 4 October 1890 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* Winfield Everett Snow and Margaret Schreiber, daughter of Henry Julius Schreiber and Hulda Matilda Frank, were married. 
Marriage* Winfield Everett Snow and Ella H. Schreiber, daughter of Henry Julius Schreiber and Hulda Matilda Frank, were married. 


Margaret Schreiber b. 25 Oct 1890, d. 5 Dec 1973

Brittany Snyder

Brittany Ann Snyder

Darren Snyder

Edna Snyder

Marriage* Edna Snyder and Alfred Hensel were married. 

Ethel G. Snyder

Marriage* Ethel G. Snyder and Wilhelm John Bersch were married. 


Wilhelm John Bersch

Gertrude Elizabeth Snyder

Marriage* Gertrude Elizabeth Snyder and William John Davis were married. 


William John Davis

Ilene Lydia Snyder

Marriage* Ilene Lydia Snyder and Arnold Ernest Boje were married. 

James A. Snyder

Jennifer Louise Snyder

Mary Anne Snyder

Patrick Snyder

Robert Clare Snyder

Marriage* Robert Clare Snyder and Carol Jeanne Bloom were married. 

Tarra Katherine Snyder

Theresa Ann Snyder

FatherRobert Clare Snyder
MotherCarol Jeanne Bloom

Virginia Rose Snyder

Marriage* Virginia Rose Snyder and Clarence Ralph Helt were married. 

Margaret Snypp

Sophie Elizebeth Sobon

Marriage* Sophie Elizebeth Sobon and Howard Joseph Mickelson were married. 

Barbara Ann Sobotik

b. 21 January 1954, d. 7 January 2015
FatherDavid Roman Sobotik b. 17 Apr 1927, d. 19 Dec 1985
Marriage* Barbara Ann Sobotik and David Michael Allen, son of Roy Allen and Grace (?), were married. 
Birth*Barbara Ann Sobotik was born on 21 January 1954. 
Death* On Wednesday, 7 January 2015 at age 60, she died from cancer at Wisconsin, USA. 
Burial* Barbara Ann Sobotik was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 


David Michael Allen b. 24 Jun 1951, d. 4 Oct 2014

David Roman Sobotik

b. 17 April 1927, d. 19 December 1985
FatherRoman Sobotik b. 20 Apr 1900, d. 28 Sep 1974
MotherCora Albrecht b. 11 Aug 1903, d. 30 Aug 1963
Name Variation David Roman Sobotik was also known as Dave. 
Birth*He was born on 17 April 1927 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 19 December 1985 at age 58, he died at Wisconsin, USA. 


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