Michael Patrick Reilly

Owen Reilly

Pamela Ann Reilly

Robin Ruth Reilly

Shannon Colleen Reilly

Emma Theresa Reimann

Marriage* Emma Theresa Reimann and Henry Fred Mehlhop were married. 

Reverend F. H. Reimann

Amalia Reimer

b. 27 November 1886, d. 10 July 1924
Name Variation Amalia Reimer was also known as Amalie. 
Birth*She was born on 27 November 1886 at Russia. 
BirthShe was born on 29 November 1886 at Russia. 
Marriage* On 10 November 1907 Amalia Reimer and Jacob Dietz, son of Gottlieb Dietz and Katherine Maertz, were married. 
Death On Thursday, 10 July 1924 at age 37, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 10 July 1924 at age 37, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Burial* Amalia Reimer was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 


Jacob Dietz b. 7 Aug 1887, d. 18 Jun 1955

Anna M. Reimer

b. 20 January 1899, d. 23 January 1985
FatherRichard Reimer
MotherEmilie Bunke
Birth*Anna M. Reimer was born on 20 January 1899 at Germany. 
Marriage* On 24 June 1922 Anna M. Reimer and Hubert F. Zimmermann, son of Louis C. Zimmermann and Louise E. Gartmann, were married at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 23 January 1985 at age 86, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Anna M. Reimer on 26 January 1985 at Wisconsin, USA.. 
Burial On 26 January 1985 Anna M. Reimer was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 
ChartsGartman/Gartmann Family Tree

Christine Mary Reimer

Margaret E. Reimer

Marriage* Margaret E. Reimer and Lorenzo W. Burville were married. 


Lorenzo W. Burville

Melva Reimer

Marriage* Melva Reimer and Oliver LaPlante were married. 


Oliver LaPlante

Richard Reimer

Marriage* Richard Reimer and Emilie Bunke were married. 


Emilie Bunke

Carl Christ Rein

Marriage* Carl Christ Rein and Alice Minnie Siebenaler were married. 

David William Rein

Edith Sophia Rein

Marriage* Edith Sophia Rein and Richard Adolph Leiviska were married. 

James F. Rein

James Paul Rein

Kurt Michael Rein

Richard James Rein

William Carl Rein

Mary Reindl

Marriage* Mary Reindl and Simon Wattawa were married. 


Simon Wattawa

Kaitlyn Rae Reiner

Mitchell Stephen Reiner

Stephen Karl Reiner