Reverend Ellen Munter

Margaretha Munze

b. 20 April 1786, d. 27 August 1846
Marriage* She and Johann Jacob Jenter, son of Johann Georg Balthas Jenter and Anna Maria Jaus, were married. 
Birth*Margaretha Munze was born on 20 April 1786 at Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. 
Death* On Thursday, 27 August 1846 at age 60, Margaretha Munze died at Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. 
Burial* On 29 August 1846 Margaretha Munze was buried at Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. 


Johann Jacob Jenter b. 16 Feb 1781, d. 30 Jan 1861
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Patrick Muraszewski

Diana Lynn Murcek

Lis Murphey

(?) Murphy

(?) Murphy

Marriage* She and Robert Neil Shively were married. 

Anastasia Murphy

b. 11 February 1891, d. 21 August 1938
FatherThomas Murphy
MotherCatherine Sullivan
Birth*Anastasia Murphy was born on 11 February 1891 at Minnesota, USA. 
BirthShe was born on 13 February 1891 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 2 May 1916 she and Ronald John Madden, son of John Eli Madden and Ann Bridget Desmond, were married at North Dakota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 21 August 1938 at age 47, Anastasia Murphy died from tuberculosis at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* Anastasia Murphy was buried at Minnesota, USA. 


Ronald John Madden b. 19 Oct 1889, d. 16 Oct 1968
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Anne Murphy

Brian Murphy

Daniel Leonard Murphy

Marriage* He and Mary Patricia Duffy were married. 

David Murphy

Dawn Patricia Murphy

Debra Ann Murphy

Douglas Leo Murphy

Ellie Murphy

Frederick J. Murphy

Marriage* He and Mary Ewing were married. 


Mary Ewing

Hannah Kay Murphy

Heather Murphy

James William Murphy

Jane Marie Murphy

Marriage* She and Donald Frederick Dahlke were married. 

Janice Murphy

John Murphy

John Dalton Murphy

Marriage* He and Dorene Mae Swanson were married. 

Dr. John Ewing Murphy M. D.

b. 9 January 1935, d. 23 July 2013
FatherFrederick J. Murphy
MotherMary Ewing
Birth*Dr. John Ewing Murphy M. D. was born on 9 January 1935 at Massachusetts, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 23 July 2013 at age 78, Dr. John Ewing Murphy M. D. died from colon cancer at California, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held on 27 July 2013for Dr. John Ewing Murphy M. D. at California, USA. 
Burial On 27 July 2013 Dr. John Ewing Murphy M. D. was buried at California, USA.