(?) Oliva

Marriage* (?) Oliva and Joan (?) were married. 

Beth Oliva

Andrew Olivarez

Leonard Olivarez

Leonardo Olivarez

Marriage* Leonardo Olivarez and Carolina Hinojosa were married. 

Philip Olivarez

Alexander Annette Oliver

Gary Michael Oliver

Jillian Marie Oliver

Samantha Caroll Oliver

Allison Olley

Christopher Olley

Katherine Olley

Luke Olley

Karissa Karen Ollila

Kellina Marie Ollila

Steven Kenneth Ollila

Elinore Laura Olm

Marriage* Elinore Laura Olm and Ewald Henry Greve were married. 


Ewald Henry Greve

Irma Olm

Marriage* Irma Olm and Henry W. Stucki were married. 


Henry W. Stucki

(?) Olmstead

Marriage* (?) Olmstead and George Peterson were married. 

Doris Olmstead

Alan Lee Olsen

Christian Hunter Olsen


Lewisa Katherine Mardin b. 23 May 1915, d. 19 Oct 2009

Christian Max Olsen

b. 7 September 1936, d. 12 June 2003
MotherLewisa Katherine Mardin b. 23 May 1915, d. 19 Oct 2009
Name Variation Christian Max Olsen was also known as Max. 
Birth*He was born on 7 September 1936 at Washington, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 12 June 2003 at age 66, he died. 

Clifford P. Olsen

Marriage* Clifford P. Olsen and Doris H. Rosenberg were married. 


Doris H. Rosenberg