Dorothy Audrey Leuthner

James George Leuthner

Jean Marie Leuthner

Jill Marie Leuthner

Kenneth Alfred Leuthner

Maurice A. Leuthner

Marriage* Maurice A. Leuthner and Barbara Ann Ronellenfitsch were married. 

Maurice Joseph Leuthner

Maurice Leroy Leuthner

Monica Mary Leuthner

Richard Wallace Leuthner

Robert Maurice Leuthner

William Maurice Leuthner

Joe Leuwer

John Leuwer

b. 17 January 1889, d. 7 February 1972
Marriage* John Leuwer and Mary Catherine Buesgens, daughter of Michael Buesgens and Gertrude Catharina Williams, were married. 
Birth*John Leuwer was born on 17 January 1889 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 7 February 1972 at age 83, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
ChartsWilliams Family Tree

Estelle Marie Levesque

Marriage* Estelle Marie Levesque and Walter Charles Koppelman were married. 

Theresa Annette Levesseur

Samuel Martin Leviner

Jay K. Levitan

Marriage* Jay K. Levitan and Linda Sue Jurek were married. 

Suzanne Victoria Levitan

Phillip Levy

b. 24 March 1949, d. 15 June 1980
Burial* Phillip Levy was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
Birth*He was born on 24 March 1949. 
Death* On Sunday, 15 June 1980 at age 31, he died. 

Aaron Lewandowski

Alice Lewandowski

Hunter Lewandowski

Jane Frances Lewandowski

Marriage* Jane Frances Lewandowski and Terry Lee Hawes were married. 

Lillian Lewandowski