Kevin Scott Kunze

Eve Louise Kupcho

Keith R. Kupcho

Rachel Mary Kupcho

Sarah Elizabeth Kupcho

Unknown Daughter #1 Kupcho

Alexis Kuphal

Amy Kuphal

Austin Kuphal

Brenda Lee Kuphal

Damon Kuphal

Greg Daryl Kuphal

Martin A. Kuphal

Marriage* Martin A. Kuphal and Esther J. Podratz were married. 

Martin Kuphal Jr.

Marvin Martin Kuphal

Marriage* Marvin Martin Kuphal and Janice Florene Monson were married. 

Scott John Kuphal

Stacy Kuphal

Toby John Kuphal

David Allen Kupka

David Kirk Kupka

Marriage* David Kirk Kupka and Mary Susan Ekdahl were married. 

Lauren Ashley Kupka

Melinda Sue Kupka

John Kupsch

Marriage* John Kupsch and Dana Eisner were married. 

Wilhemina Kupsch

b. 15 February 1841, d. 9 March 1921
Name Variation Wilhemina Kupsch was also known as Wilhemine. 
Name Variation Wilhemina Kupsch was also known as Minnie. 
Birth*She was born on 15 February 1841 at Germany. 
BirthShe was born in October 1842 at Germany. 
Marriage* On 3 September 1870 Wilhemina Kupsch and William Gartmann Jr., son of Carl Friederich Wilhelm Gartmann and Ernestine Caroline Guhr, were married. 
Death* On Wednesday, 9 March 1921 at age 80, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 
Burial* Wilhemina Kupsch was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 


William Gartmann Jr. b. 13 Apr 1844, d. 18 Apr 1931
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Laura Bernice Kuptz

Marriage* Laura Bernice Kuptz and Robert Allen Walters were married.