Walter Ames

Marriage* On 1952 Walter Ames and Bernice H. Warner were married at Minnesota, USA. 

Reverend Charles Ami

Napolean Amiot

Robert Duane Amiot

Kathryn Joan Ammerman

Terri Amos



Harold Matthew Amrhein

Marriage* Harold Matthew Amrhein and Myrtle Catherine Jorissen were married. 

Jill Mary Amrhein

FatherHarold Matthew Amrhein
MotherMyrtle Catherine Jorissen

John Michael Amrhein

Marriage* John Michael Amrhein and Frances Margaret Van Sloun, daughter of Gerhard Van Sloun and Catharine Jeurissen, were married. 

Natalie Amrhein

Terrance Leonard Amrhein

FatherJohn Michael Amrhein
MotherFrances Margaret Van Sloun

Kevin Kumar Amries

Reverend Mr. A. Allison Amstutz

Reverend Arthur Anacker

Name Variation Reverend Arthur Anacker was also known as Reverend Arthur Anaker. 

Rose Anderia

Marriage* Rose Anderia and Frank Preslicka were married. 

Alice Mary Anderly

Clarence E. Anderly

Evelyn May Andersen

Marriage* Evelyn May Andersen and Vernon Arthur Oltman were married. 

Mary Andersen

Marriage* Mary Andersen and August Pioske were married. 


August Pioske

Monica Kay Andersen

Sally Patricia Andersen

(?) Anderson



(?) Anderson



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