Gerald C. Hussong II

b. 31 July 1921, d. 28 July 2011
FatherGerald C. Hussong I
MotherRuth Kennedy
Nickname Gerald C. Hussong II also went by the name of Bob. 
Birth*He was born on 31 July 1921 at Iowa, USA. 
BaptismHe was baptized in 1937 at Iowa, USA. 
Marriage* On 16 August 1946 Gerald C. Hussong II and Audrey Ardele Kinsman, daughter of Fredrick Cotton Kinsman and Louise Katherine Pinz, were married. 
Death* On Thursday, 28 July 2011 at age 89, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* Gerald C. Hussong II was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
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Jeffrey Kinsman Hussong

Kristin Katie Hussong

Nancy L. Hussong

Rebecca Marie Hussong

Jason Cannon Hust

Jeffrey Patrick Hust

Mandy Kelly Hust

Peggy Anne Hust

Richard Joseph Hust

Willard Seth Hust

b. 28 January 1916
Birth*Willard Seth Hust was born on 28 January 1916 at Idaho, USA. 
Marriage* On 7 July 1944 Willard Seth Hust and Marion Delores Hartman, daughter of Felix Joseph Hartmann and Anna Helen Rachel, were married at Florida, USA. 
Divorce*Willard Seth Hust and Marion Delores Hartman were divorced on 15 April 1974 at Florida, USA. 
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Beverly Ann Husted

Fern Huston

John Hutchings

Marriage* John Hutchings and Rose Pierdzioch were married. 

Barbara Ann Hutchison

Carl Norris Hutchison

Reverend Eric Hutchison

Jack Hutchison

Kori Beth Hutchison

Marlin Douglas Hutchison

Marriage* Marlin Douglas Hutchison and Marjorie Virginia Wentworth were married. 

Mary Francine Hutchison

Paul Extell H. Hutchison

Marriage* Paul Extell H. Hutchison and Leora Alvira Harris were married. 


Leora Alvira Harris

Robert Orville Hutchison

b. 17 May 1916, d. 8 January 1995
FatherPaul Extell H. Hutchison
MotherLeora Alvira Harris
Birth*Robert Orville Hutchison was born on 17 May 1916 at Florida, USA. 
Marriage* On circa 1944 Robert Orville Hutchison and Luella Mary Lynch, daughter of Joseph P. Lynch and Mary Magdalen Rachel, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 8 January 1995 at age 78, he died at Florida, USA. 
Burial* Robert Orville Hutchison was buried at Florida, USA. 
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Scott Douglas Hutchison

Wilhelmine Huth

b. 20 February 1858, d. 16 March 1941
Name Variation Wilhelmine Huth was also known as Minnie. 
Birth*She was born on 20 February 1858 at Prussia or Germany. 
BirthShe was born on 20 February 1859 at Germany. 
BaptismShe was baptized on 3 July 1883 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* On 4 July 1883 Wilhelmine Huth and Johann Ferdinand Ristau, son of Christian Ristau and Marie Natoline, were married at Illinois, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 16 March 1941 at age 83, she died from heart disease at Illinois, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Wilhelmine Huth on 19 March 1941 at Illinois, USA.. 
Burial On 19 March 1941 Wilhelmine Huth was buried at Illinois, USA. 


Johann Ferdinand Ristau b. 6 Apr 1851, d. 7 Dec 1935
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