Marie Ange Harrison

Marriage* She and Fortunat Simard were married. 


Fortunat Simard

Muriel Harrison

Mary Ann Marie Harsha

b. 16 January 1911, d. 9 October 1959
Birth*Mary Ann Marie Harsha was born on 16 January 1911 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* On 30 June 1937 she and Arnold Schroeder, son of Christian Friedrich Schroeder Sr. and Augusta Albertine Taube, were married. 
Death* On Friday, 9 October 1959 at age 48, Mary Ann Marie Harsha died. 
Burial* Mary Ann Marie Harsha was buried at Illinois, USA. 
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Bruce Edward Harshberger

Heather Ardis Harshberger

Jennifer Harshberger

John Franklin Harshberger

Marriage* He and Della Nancy Mills were married. 


Della Nancy Mills

John Henry Harshberger

b. between January 1883 and December 1883
FatherJohn Franklin Harshberger
MotherDella Nancy Mills
Birth*John Henry Harshberger was born between January 1883 and December 1883 at Iowa, USA. 
Marriage* On 11 May 1911 he and Charlotte Ann Beck, daughter of John C. Beck and Margarett Barbara Weller, were married at Minnesota, USA. 


Charlotte Ann Beck b. 8 Aug 1890, d. 9 Nov 1979
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Mararet Adelaide Harshberger

b. 27 October 1915, d. 8 October 1999
FatherJohn Henry Harshberger b. bt Jan 1883 - Dec 1883
MotherCharlotte Ann Beck b. 8 Aug 1890, d. 9 Nov 1979
Birth*Mararet Adelaide Harshberger was born on 27 October 1915 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 8 October 1999 at age 83, Mararet Adelaide Harshberger died at Minnesota, USA. 
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Nicole Julianna Harshberger

Robert Clarke Harshberger

b. 20 April 1912, d. 2 March 2004
FatherJohn Henry Harshberger b. bt Jan 1883 - Dec 1883
MotherCharlotte Ann Beck b. 8 Aug 1890, d. 9 Nov 1979
Birth*Robert Clarke Harshberger was born on 20 April 1912 at Minnesota, USA. 
BaptismHe was baptized at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 9 November 1940 he and Edna Nora Frehs, daughter of George Frehs and Elizabeth Schlarp, were married at Manitoba, Canada. 
Death* On Tuesday, 2 March 2004 at age 91, Robert Clarke Harshberger died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held on 5 March 2004for Robert Clarke Harshberger at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial Robert Clarke Harshberger was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
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Eunice Elizabeth Harshman

Marriage* She and Gust Frazer were married. 

Mallery Ann Harstad

Paul Matthew Harstad

(?) Hart

Alicia Terri Hart

Alois George Hart Jr.

b. 4 February 1945, d. 7 February 1994
Birth*Alois George Hart Jr. was born on 4 February 1945. 
Death* On Monday, 7 February 1994 at age 49, Alois George Hart Jr. died at Wisconsin, USA. 

Christian Curtis Hart

Colleen Frances Hart

b. 3 June 1924, d. 14 October 1998
FatherJames William Hart b. 30 Jul 1897, d. 26 Jul 1975
MotherAlice M. Clark b. bt 1 Jan 1901 - 15 Apr 1901, d. 1940
Birth*Colleen Frances Hart was born on 3 June 1924 at Montana, USA. 
Marriage* She and Lloyd Shelhamer Jr., son of Lloyd Shelhamer Sr. and Mary Uhl, were married. 
Divorce*Colleen Frances Hart and Lloyd Shelhamer Jr. were divorced. 
Marriage* On 12 November 1952 she and Bernard George Garr, son of William James Garr and Olga Kristina Linbo, were married at Montana, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 14 October 1998 at age 74, Colleen Frances Hart died at Arizona, USA. 
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Curtis Stanley Hart

Danielle Hart

David Dellmont Hart

Marriage* He and Joan Louise Sullivan were married. 

Evelyn May Hart

b. 30 May 1923, d. 12 July 1992
FatherGeorge Leslie Hart
MotherIsabelle May Girvin
Birth*Evelyn May Hart was born on 30 May 1923 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 21 August 1938 she and Raymond Harlan Green, son of James Franklin Green and Hazel May Anderson, were married at South Dakota, USA. 
Divorce*Evelyn May Hart and Raymond Harlan Green were divorced. 
Death* On Sunday, 12 July 1992 at age 69, Evelyn May Hart died. 

Family 1

Raymond Harlan Green b. 11 Apr 1915, d. 12 Oct 1971

Family 2


George Leslie Hart

Marriage* He and Isabelle May Girvin were married. 


Isabelle May Girvin

Hugh Hart

Marriage* He and Sarah E. Mansell were married. 


Sarah E. Mansell