Betty F. Fortino

Sophia Dorothea Fortmann

d. 20 March 1899
Name Variation Sophia Dorothea Fortmann was also known as Sophie Dorothea. 
Name Variation Sophia Dorothea Fortmann was also known as Dora. 
Marriage* Sophia Dorothea Fortmann and Ernst Henke were married. 
Death* On Monday, 20 March 1899, she died. 


Ernst Henke

Charles Fortner

Marriage* Charles Fortner and Ethel Thrasher were married. 


Ethel Thrasher

Constance Evelyn Fortner

b. 13 October 1924, d. 4 June 2005
FatherCharles Fortner
MotherEthel Thrasher
Name Variation Constance Evelyn Fortner was also known as Connie. 
Birth*She was born on 13 October 1924 at Tennessee, USA. 
Marriage* On April 1946 Constance Evelyn Fortner and Clarence W. Oelfke, son of Frederick W. Oelfke and Hilda B. Stoeckmann, were married at Alabama, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 4 June 2005 at age 80, she died from emphysema at Washington, USA. 
Burial* On 18 June 2005 Constance Evelyn Fortner was buried at Washington, USA. Plot: "West portion Garden of Communion and listed as the same headstone as Clarence Oelfke". 


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Jackie Ray Fortner

b. 2 January 1940, d. 15 September 1959
MotherConstance Evelyn Fortner b. 13 Oct 1924, d. 4 Jun 2005
Birth*Jackie Ray Fortner was born on 2 January 1940. 
Death* On Tuesday, 15 September 1959 at age 19, he died at Washington, USA. 
Burial* Jackie Ray Fortner was buried at Washington, USA. Plot: "West portion Garden of Communion". 

Doris Mae Fortune

Frank Glenn Foslien

Marriage* Frank Glenn Foslien and Susan Jean Johnson were married. 

Sara Corrine Foslien

Jody Lynn Foss

Marriage* Jody Lynn Foss and Scott Alan Ellertson were married. 

Pastor Denise Fossen

(?) Foster

(?) Foster

Brenna Foster

Brian Wayne Foster

Byron Amos Foster

Marriage* Byron Amos Foster and Elaine Kathryn Speltz were married. 

Catherine M. Foster


Raymond F. Heiden b. 29 Oct 1904

Cody Foster

Dana Foster

Denise Elaine Foster

Gavin Foster

Jesse Foster

Marriage* Jesse Foster and Eva Felch were married. 

Kathryn Elaine Foster

Laura Foster

Mary N. Foster

Marriage* Mary N. Foster and Dee Bailey were married. 
Name Variation Mary N. Foster was also known as Norvelle Mary Foster. 

Phyllis Joanne Foster

Marriage* Phyllis Joanne Foster and Jerome Thomas Langr were married. 


Jerome Thomas Langr