Dyonne Dee Doeden

Kirstin Mackenzie Doeden

Megan Elizabeth Doeden

William August Doeden

Marriage* William August Doeden and Hazel Eleanor Hines were married. 

Helena Rosemary Doehling

Willard Herman Doehling

Marriage* Willard Herman Doehling and Rosemary Georgia Heinbuch were married. 

Andrew Paul Doelger

Bethany Ruth Doelger

David Doelger

Bertha A. Doering

Marriage* Bertha A. Doering and William F. Schwartz were married. 


William F. Schwartz

Cheryl Kay Doering

Leroy Lenhard Doering

Marriage* Leroy Lenhard Doering and Betty Lou Olson were married. 

Robin Lee Doering

Alexa Lynn Doerr

Arthur August Emil Doerr

Marriage* Arthur August Emil Doerr and Elsie A. Albrecht were married. 


Elsie A. Albrecht

Charles Doerr

Marriage* Charles Doerr and Minnie Cacha were married. 


Minnie Cacha

Eleanora Augusta Doerr

b. 4 January 1924, d. 10 February 1996
FatherArthur August Emil Doerr
MotherElsie A. Albrecht
Birth*Eleanora Augusta Doerr was born on 4 January 1924 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 10 December 1946 Eleanora Augusta Doerr and Harold Henry Kramer, son of Herman Kramer and Bertha Buckentin, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 10 February 1996 at age 72, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
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Elizabeth Mae Doerr

b. 15 October 1916, d. 27 October 2005
FatherCharles Doerr
MotherMinnie Cacha
Name Variation Elizabeth Mae Doerr was also known as Lissie. 
Nickname Elizabeth Mae Doerr also went by the name of Toddy. 
Birth*She was born on 15 October 1916 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 26 May 1939 Elizabeth Mae Doerr and Albert Fred Kroells, son of Jacob Kroells and Augusta Eva Stender, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 27 October 2005 at age 89, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
FuneralFuneral services were held for Elizabeth Mae Doerr on 1 November 2005 at Minnesota, USA.. 
Burial* Elizabeth Mae Doerr was buried at Minnesota, USA. Plot: "1st Add 3-2". 
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John Michael Doerr

Michael John Doerr

Marriage* Michael John Doerr and Kathy Renee Anderson were married. 

Nicolas Robert Doerr

Norbert Gary Doerr

Marriage* Norbert Gary Doerr and Marilyn Dorothy Otto were married. 

Rick Doerr

Robert Gary Doerr

Gloria Mae Doesken

Marriage* Gloria Mae Doesken and Thor Harrison Hartlep were married.