Reverend Armin Duchow

Heather Duchsherer

Agnes Duckart

Marriage* Agnes Duckart and Anthony Dearing were married. 

Stella Duda

Marriage* Stella Duda and Alex Pauzon were married. 


Alex Pauzon

Ernest Joseph Dudek Jr.

Patricia Jean Dudrey

Elfreda Dueffert

Marriage* Elfreda Dueffert and Harold Monnens were married. 

Kelly Jean Dueffert

Augusta Duehlmeier



Caroline N. Duehn

Marriage* Caroline N. Duehn and Lorenz V. D. Brelje were married. 


Lorenz V. D. Brelje

Naomi Duemke

Marriage* Naomi Duemke and Robert D. Jensen were married. 

Alex Theodore Duenow

Chad Duenow

Eldora Anna Duenow

Marriage* Eldora Anna Duenow and Ervin Raymond Patzold were married. 


Ervin Raymond Patzold

Geraldine Olga Duenow

Marriage* Geraldine Olga Duenow and Willard Otto Harbarth were married. 

Jeffrey Melvin Duenow

Joshua Jeffrey Duenow

Ordella Anna Duenow

Marriage* Ordella Anna Duenow and Gordon Victor Hahn were married. 

Bertha A. Duesterhoeft

Marriage* Bertha A. Duesterhoeft and Henry F. Schramm were married. 

Merry Jo Dufeck

Anne L. Dufek

Marriage* Anne L. Dufek and Harold M. Beckman were married. 

Viola J. Duff

b. 5 November 1929, d. 1 January 1995
Birth*Viola J. Duff was born on 5 November 1929. 
Marriage* On 31 December 1971 Viola J. Duff and Murrel David Culpepper, son of Charles David Culpepper and Robena Bearden, were married at California, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 1 January 1995 at age 65, she died at California, USA. 

Mary Ann Duffek

MotherElvira Sylvia Dickman b. 20 Mar 1933, d. 3 Nov 2015

Michael Duffek

Marriage* Michael Duffek and Frances Piontkowski were married. 

Robert M. Duffek

FatherMichael Duffek
MotherFrances Piontkowski