Connie Lee Daggett

Marriage* Connie Lee Daggett and Vernon John Ulrich were married. 

John Andrew Dagner

Cornelius Daharsh

Marriage* Cornelius Daharsh and Nancy Ann Rothlier were married. 


Nancy Ann Rothlier

Marcia Daharsh

b. November 1840
FatherCornelius Daharsh
MotherNancy Ann Rothlier
Name Variation Marcia Daharsh was also known as Dayharsh. 
Birth*She was born in November 1840 at New York, USA. 
Marriage* On 4 August 1874 Marcia Daharsh and Christian Flaig, son of John George Flaig and Anna (?), were married at Wisconsin, USA. 


Christian Flaig b. bt Jun 1837 - May 1838, d. 24 Sep 1908

Alvin Dahl

b. 2 August 1889
Marriage* Alvin Dahl and Maria Regina Lydia Schmidt, daughter of Johann Adam Christian Schmidt and Anna Maria Katharina Rolf, were married. 
Birth*Alvin Dahl was born on 2 August 1889. 

Andrew Morgan Dahl

Angela Marie Dahl

Ann Jean Lorraine Dahl

b. 17 September 1926, d. 21 June 2008
FatherCharles Dahl
Birth*Ann Jean Lorraine Dahl was born on 17 September 1926 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 12 May 1948 Ann Jean Lorraine Dahl and Arthur Robert Dallmann, son of Fritz Robert Emil Dallmann and Hedwig Ida Ruschke, were married. 
Death* On Saturday, 21 June 2008 at age 81, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
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Anna Louise Dahl

b. 4 June 1895, d. 15 November 1990
FatherChristian C. Dahl
MotherChristine R. Enger b. Mar 1874
Name Variation Anna Louise Dahl was also known as Ann D. 
Name Variation Anna Louise Dahl was also known as Annie. 
Birth*She was born on 4 June 1895 at Minnesota, USA. 
BaptismShe was baptized on 7 July 1895 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 15 April 1920 Anna Louise Dahl and Willard Jacob Beck, son of Jacob William Beck and Minnie Macheledt, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 15 November 1990 at age 95, she died at Minnesota, USA. 


Willard Jacob Beck b. 4 Nov 1895, d. 23 Jun 1991
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Brian Dahl

Charles Dahl



Christian C. Dahl

Marriage* Christian C. Dahl and Christine R. Enger were married. 


Christine R. Enger b. Mar 1874

David Dale Dahl

Deborah Dahl

Marriage* Deborah Dahl and William Emory Elsdon Proffitt Jr. were married. 


William Emory Elsdon Proffitt Jr.

Dennis Bruce Dahl

FatherNorval Dahl
MotherJudith Evelyn Johnson

Edith Theodora Dahl

Marriage* Edith Theodora Dahl and Earl Harvey Solberg were married. 

Reverend Jack E. Dahl

Kathryn Marie Dahl

Kristy Ann Dahl

Larry A. Dahl

Lawrence A. Dahl

Marriage* Lawrence A. Dahl and Violet Amelia Peterson were married. 

Levi Charles Dahl

Norval Dahl

Marriage* Norval Dahl and Judith Evelyn Johnson were married. 

Rosella Mae Dahl

Marriage* Rosella Mae Dahl and Vernon Loyd Meyer were married. 

Sharon Marie Dahl

FatherLawrence A. Dahl
MotherViolet Amelia Peterson