Reverend Paul Haskell Clark

Ronald Virgil Clark

Marriage* Ronald Virgil Clark and Elsie Victoria Ekland were married. 

Rosamond Clark

Marriage* Rosamond Clark and Robert Doty were married. 

Stephanie Gail Clark

Susanne V. Clark

Marriage* Susanne V. Clark and Scott R. Prescott were married. 


Scott R. Prescott

Thelma Clara Clark

Marriage* Thelma Clara Clark and Donald Edward Bromeland were married. 

Thomas A. Clark

b. November 1896
FatherJames Jay Clark b. 18 Jul 1862, d. 26 Jul 1934
MotherAnna M. Madden b. Jan 1864, d. 6 Apr 1919
Birth*Thomas A. Clark was born in November 1896 at Montana, USA. 
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Verle Clark

Marriage* Verle Clark and Dorothy L. Hanson were married. 

Virginia Clark

Carla Clarke

Copsley Earl Clarke

Marriage* Copsley Earl Clarke and Elizabeth Maud Gannon were married. 


Elizabeth Maud Gannon

Frederick W. Clarke

FatherHenry M. Clarke
MotherAnn Dixon
Name Variation Frederick W. Clarke was also known as Fred. 
Marriage* On 19 July 1883 Frederick W. Clarke and Annie Dixon were married at Minnesota, USA. 

Henry M. Clarke

Marriage* Henry M. Clarke and Ann Dixon were married. 


Ann Dixon

Lance Clarke

Melvin Gerald Clarke

b. 8 April 1894, d. 11 June 1970
FatherCopsley Earl Clarke
MotherElizabeth Maud Gannon
Birth*Melvin Gerald Clarke was born on 8 April 1894 at Iowa, USA. 
Marriage* On 6 June 1917 Melvin Gerald Clarke and Bertha C. Pinz, daughter of Herman F. G. Pinz and Sophie Marie Bertha Harms, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 11 June 1970 at age 76, he died at Illinois, USA. 
Burial* Melvin Gerald Clarke was buried at Minnesota, USA. 


Bertha C. Pinz b. 10 Apr 1894, d. 24 Feb 1969
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Myron Copsley Clarke

b. 29 March 1919, d. 7 February 2001
FatherMelvin Gerald Clarke b. 8 Apr 1894, d. 11 Jun 1970
MotherBertha C. Pinz b. 10 Apr 1894, d. 24 Feb 1969
Nickname Myron Copsley Clarke also went by the name of Red. 
Birth*He was born on 29 March 1919 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 6 June 1948 Myron Copsley Clarke and Frances Anna Kieffer, daughter of John Kieffer and Eva Schmidt, were married at South Dakota, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 7 February 2001 at age 81, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* Myron Copsley Clarke was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
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Anna Marie Clarkin

Marriage* Anna Marie Clarkin and Loren Joseph Fridgen were married. 

Reverend Chris Clarkson

Jacklyn Ann Claseman

Jeffrey Arnold Claseman

Joseph Lee Claseman

Lee Arthur Claseman

Patricia Elizabeth Classen

Florence Caroline Claude

Marriage* Florence Caroline Claude and John E. Franke were married. 


John E. Franke

Paul Clause