Evelyn Caffrey

Marriage* Evelyn Caffrey and John Moeller were married. 

Mildred Merrie Caflisch

Marriage* Mildred Merrie Caflisch and James Berkley Royer were married. 
Name Variation Mildred Merrie Caflisch was also known as Millie. 


James Berkley Royer

Charles Alan Cage

Charles Cooper Cage

Aaron Cahill

Jane Sullivan Cahill

Logan Cahill

Ashley Cain

Sarah Jo Cain

James David Caine

Sharon Lynn Caine

Charles Caira

Herman Calcutt

Allison Kara Caldwell

Christopher Dale Caldwell

Dale Harvey Caldwell

Fred Leon Caldwell

Harvey Roy Caldwell

b. 16 September 1920, d. 27 September 2008
Mother(?) Lindstrand
Birth*Harvey Roy Caldwell was born on 16 September 1920 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 9 September 1946 Harvey Roy Caldwell and Carmen Mae Beck, daughter of Willard Jacob Beck and Anna Louise Dahl, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 27 September 2008 at age 88, he died. 
ChartsBeck Family Tree

Kimberly Ann Caldwell

Mary Jo Caldwell

Melissa Nicole Caldwell

Randy Leon Caldwell

Susan Kathryn Caldwell

Elsie Elma Calhoun

Marriage* Elsie Elma Calhoun and Lyle Edward Lillie were married. 

Felicidad Calingasan

Marriage* Felicidad Calingasan and Juan Gonzalvo were married. 


Juan Gonzalvo