Milton Garfield Boock

b. 8 October 1911, d. 12 January 1994
FatherJohn William Boock b. 19 Jan 1881, d. 3 Apr 1960
MotherWilliamene Francesca Naegeli b. 24 Jul 1884, d. 30 Apr 1968
Birth*Milton Garfield Boock was born on 8 October 1911 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 19 October 1937 Milton Garfield Boock and Lois Meryl Hopkins, daughter of Frank H. Hopkins and Estella Johanna Schramm, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 12 January 1994 at age 82, he died at Minnesota, USA. 

Nicolaus Boock

David Byron Book

Marriage* On 30 November 1922 David Byron Book and Mabelle Dart were married. 

Toney Bookhart

Ryan Joseph Boon

Esther O. Booren

Name Variation Esther O. Booren was also known as Ester. 
Marriage* Esther O. Booren and August A. Blosjo were married. 


August A. Blosjo

Amy Jo Boos

Beth Ann Boos

b. 21 November 1964, d. 20 November 2007
Father-Twins0Daniel Stewart Boos b. 4 Jun 1927, d. 18 Jan 1985
Mother-Twins0Myrna Jane Realander b. 9 Feb 1935, d. 29 Aug 2006
Birth*Beth Ann Boos was born on 21 November 1964 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 20 November 2007 at age 42, she died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Beth Ann Boos on 23 November 2007 at Washington, USA.. 
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Daniel Stewart Boos

b. 4 June 1927, d. 18 January 1985
FatherWalter Loren Boos
MotherAlfreda Hildegarde Stewart
Birth*Daniel Stewart Boos was born on 4 June 1927 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 22 July 1961 Daniel Stewart Boos and Myrna Jane Realander, daughter of Carl George Realander and Elizabeth Rita Pass, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Divorce*Daniel Stewart Boos and Myrna Jane Realander were divorced. 
Marriage* On 9 November 1979 Daniel Stewart Boos and Dorothy Kemp, daughter of John Kemp and Margaret Little, were married at Oklahoma, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 18 January 1985 at age 57, he died at Montana, USA. 
Burial* On 21 January 1985 Daniel Stewart Boos was buried at Montana, USA. 


Myrna Jane Realander b. 9 Feb 1935, d. 29 Aug 2006
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Jackson Boos

Lauryn Boos

Marie Boos

Marriage* Marie Boos and Peter Kramer were married. 


Peter Kramer

Thomas Daniel Boos

Walter Loren Boos

Marriage* Walter Loren Boos and Alfreda Hildegarde Stewart were married. 


Alfreda Hildegarde Stewart

(?) Booth



Elizabeth Audrey Booth

Marriage* Elizabeth Audrey Booth and Charles Lovell Gardner were married. 


Charles Lovell Gardner

Emily Booth

b. circa 1800
Name Variation Emily Booth was also known as Emily Boothe. 
Marriage* Emily Booth and Eli Payne were married. 
Birth*Emily Booth was born circa 1800 at Connecticut, USA. 
BirthShe was born between June 1802 and May 1803 at Connecticut, USA. 


Eli Payne b. c 1796, d. b 1 Jun 1880
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Lawrence Roy Boozenny

b. 11 May 1918, d. 30 November 1968
Birth*Lawrence Roy Boozenny was born on 11 May 1918. 
Marriage* Lawrence Roy Boozenny and Sylvia Evelyn Hamlin, daughter of Isadore Hamlin and Mary Vasar, were married. 
Death* On Saturday, 30 November 1968 at age 50, he died at Minnesota, USA. 

Shirley Renee Boozenny

Byron Anthony Boraas Jr.

Daughter #1 Boraas

Daughter #2 Boraas

Jayson Alan Boraas

Michael Anthony Boraas

Son #1 Boraas