Patrick James Brazil

FatherClifford James Brazil
MotherDeloris McMahon

Shannon Marie Brazil

Sophie Brazil

Teresa Ann Brazil

FatherLee Patrick Brazil b. 18 Feb 1942, d. 28 May 2009
MotherDianne Helen Carroll b. 25 Oct 1943, d. 20 Jul 2004

Elvira Agusta Breade

Marriage* Elvira Agusta Breade and Melvin John Wacker were married. 

Anton Brecht

Marriage* Anton Brecht and Anna Louise Ritter were married. 


Anna Louise Ritter

August George Brecht

Marriage* August George Brecht and Clara A. Witthus were married. 


Clara A. Witthus

Clardell Brecht

Marriage* Clardell Brecht and Adrian Joseph Jerabek were married. 

Elizabeth B. Brecht

b. 18 February 1902, d. 19 December 1933
FatherAnton Brecht
MotherAnna Louise Ritter
Birth*Elizabeth B. Brecht was born on 18 February 1902 at Pennsylvania, USA. 
Marriage* Elizabeth B. Brecht and Wilhelm Andreas Masemann, son of Fred Masemann and Dorothea Weseloh, were married. 
Death* On Tuesday, 19 December 1933 at age 31, she died from bilateral tuberculosis of the kidney at Pennsylvania, USA. 
Burial* On 22 December 1933 Elizabeth B. Brecht was buried at Pennsylvania, USA. 
ChartsBeckman Family Tree
Weseloh Family Tree

Jayden Brecht

Loretta Laura Brecht

b. 3 July 1915, d. 3 August 2002
FatherAugust George Brecht
MotherClara A. Witthus
Name Variation Loretta Laura Brecht was also known as Lauretta. 
Name Variation Loretta Laura Brecht was also known as Loretta Lorna Brecht. 
Birth*She was born on 3 July 1915 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 19 January 1936 Loretta Laura Brecht and Walter Wallace Brockob, son of John A. Brockob and Sophie A. Niemann, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 3 August 2002 at age 87, she died. 
ChartsBrockoff/Brockhoff/Brockob Family Tree

Louise Brecht

b. 17 November 1904
FatherAnton Brecht
MotherAnna Louise Ritter
Birth*Louise Brecht was born on 17 November 1904 at Pennsylvania, USA. 

Mikayla Brecht

Travis Lee Brecht

Eliott Breeden

d. before 8 April 2010
Death* Before 8 April 2010, he died. 

William Breeden



Jason John Breeggemann

John Edward Breeggemann

John Henry Breeggemann

Marriage* John Henry Breeggemann and Marie Nieters were married. 

John Jospeh Breeggemann

FatherJohn Henry Breeggemann
MotherMarie Nieters

Justin John Breeggemann

Leon Paul Breeggemann

Marriage* Leon Paul Breeggemann and Margaret Viola Jacobs were married. 

Mary H. Breeggemann

Marriage* Mary H. Breeggemann and Richard N. Klehr were married. 

Michael Francis Breeggemann

FatherJohn Henry Breeggemann
MotherMarie Nieters

Nancy Margaret Breeggemann

FatherLeon Paul Breeggemann
MotherMargaret Viola Jacobs