Lauryn Boos

Marie Boos

Marriage* Marie Boos and Peter Kramer were married. 


Peter Kramer

Thomas Daniel Boos

FatherDaniel Stewart Boos b. 4 Jun 1927, d. 18 Jan 1985
MotherMyrna Jane Realander b. 9 Feb 1935, d. 29 Aug 2006

Walter Loren Boos

Marriage* Walter Loren Boos and Alfreda Hildegarde Stewart were married. 


Alfreda Hildegarde Stewart

(?) Booth



Elizabeth Audrey Booth

Marriage* Elizabeth Audrey Booth and Charles Lovell Gardner were married. 


Charles Lovell Gardner

Emily Booth

b. circa 1800
Name Variation Emily Booth was also known as Emily Boothe. 
Marriage* Emily Booth and Eli Payne were married. 
Birth*Emily Booth was born circa 1800 at Connecticut, USA. 
BirthShe was born between June 1802 and May 1803 at Connecticut, USA. 


Eli Payne b. c 1796, d. b 1 Jun 1880
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Lawrence Roy Boozenny

b. 11 May 1918, d. 30 November 1968
Birth*Lawrence Roy Boozenny was born on 11 May 1918. 
Marriage* Lawrence Roy Boozenny and Sylvia Evelyn Hamlin, daughter of Isadore Hamlin and Mary Vasar, were married. 
Death* On Saturday, 30 November 1968 at age 50, he died at Minnesota, USA. 

Shirley Renee Boozenny

FatherLawrence Roy Boozenny b. 11 May 1918, d. 30 Nov 1968
MotherSylvia Evelyn Hamlin b. 14 Aug 1918, d. 12 May 1987

Byron Anthony Boraas Jr.

Daughter #1 Boraas

Daughter #2 Boraas

Jayson Alan Boraas

Michael Anthony Boraas

Son #1 Boraas

Anna Borchard

Marriage* Anna Borchard and Louis Doebbert were married. 


Louis Doebbert

Al Borchardt

Marriage* Al Borchardt and Anna Busse were married. 


Anna Busse

Andrea Diane Borchardt

Arnold E. Borchardt

b. between April 1903 and March 1904
Birth*Arnold E. Borchardt was born between April 1903 and March 1904 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 27 July 1924 Arnold E. Borchardt and Clara Sophia Jaus, daughter of Reverend Henry Christian Jaus and Anna Louise Paul, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Divorce*Arnold E. Borchardt and Clara Sophia Borchardt were divorced. 
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Daniel Wilfred Borchardt

MotherMilda Emma Brandt b. 8 Feb 1927, d. 18 Apr 2012

Daniel Wilfred Borchardt Jr.

Darla Kay Borchardt

Duane Borchardt

MotherMilda Emma Brandt b. 8 Feb 1927, d. 18 Apr 2012

Edwin J. Borchardt

Ernest Emil Borchardt

Marriage* Ernest Emil Borchardt and Elsie Anna Reddemann were married. 


Elsie Anna Reddemann