Petronella Bongen

b. 20 July 1709
FatherDaniël Bongen
MotherCatherina Driessen
Baptism*Petronella Bongen was baptized on 20 July 1709 at Limburg Province, Netherlands. 

Petrus Bongen

b. 12 February 1705
FatherDaniël Bongen
MotherCatherina Driessen
Baptism*Petrus Bongen was baptized on 12 February 1705 at Limburg Province, Netherlands. 

Joanna Bongers

Marriage* Joanna Bongers and Henry Hubers were married. 


Henry Hubers

Edward Bonin

Hans Bonin

Marriage* Hans Bonin and Antoinette Boucher were married. 


Antoinette Boucher

Henry A. Bonin

FatherJohn Henry Bonin b. 18 May 1919, d. 26 Nov 2013
MotherEleanora Iona Bothmann b. 10 Jun 1917

Jeanette Bonin

FatherJohn Henry Bonin b. 18 May 1919, d. 26 Nov 2013
MotherEleanora Iona Bothmann b. 10 Jun 1917

John Henry Bonin

b. 18 May 1919, d. 26 November 2013
FatherHans Bonin
MotherAntoinette Boucher
Birth*John Henry Bonin was born on 18 May 1919 at France. 
Marriage* On 1 September 1946 John Henry Bonin and Eleanora Iona Bothmann, daughter of Alfred F. Bothmann and Lydia Marie Bentz, were married. 
Death* On Tuesday, 26 November 2013 at age 94, he died. 
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Michael John Bonin

FatherJohn Henry Bonin b. 18 May 1919, d. 26 Nov 2013
MotherEleanora Iona Bothmann b. 10 Jun 1917

Vivian Elizabeth Bonine

Gerald A. Bonk

Marriage* Gerald A. Bonk and Inez Lorraine Stockstead were married. 

Marlene Kay Bonk

FatherRuben Edward Bonk
MotherMildred Ida Perisian

Ruben Edward Bonk

Marriage* Ruben Edward Bonk and Mildred Ida Perisian were married. 

Ruby Bonk

Marriage* Ruby Bonk and Richard Kuhlmann were married. 

Sydney Lorraine Bonk

FatherGerald A. Bonk
MotherInez Lorraine Stockstead

Clinton Eugene Bonnema

b. circa 1934
Birth*Clinton Eugene Bonnema was born circa 1934. 

Jennie J. Bonnema

b. 11 July 1906, d. 3 March 1957
FatherJerry Bonnema
MotherMary Zoeterman
Name Variation Jennie J. Bonnema was also known as Jenny. 
Birth*She was born on 11 July 1906 at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* On 10 July 1923 Jennie J. Bonnema and Richard Frank Van Gronigen were married at South Dakota, USA. 
Marriage* Jennie J. Bonnema and Charles Simon Jaus, son of Simon Jaus and Augusta Burgstahler, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 3 March 1957 at age 50, she died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Jennie J. Bonnema on 6 March 1957 at South Dakota, USA.. 

Family 1

Richard Frank Van Gronigen b. bt 11 Jul 1896 - 10 Jul 1897

Family 2

Charles Simon Jaus b. 30 Jul 1890, d. 15 Dec 1988
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Jerry Bonnema

Marriage* Jerry Bonnema and Mary Zoeterman were married. 


Mary Zoeterman

Willemina Bonnema

Marriage* Willemina Bonnema and Brutus Van Heuveln were married. 

Wilhelmina Bonnen

Name Variation Wilhelmina Bonnen was also known as Mina. 
Marriage* Wilhelmina Bonnen and F. Julius Seefeldt were married. 


F. Julius Seefeldt

Victoria Bonner

Duane L. Bonnes

Marriage* Duane L. Bonnes and Joyce Anne Scholl were married. 

Pamela K Bonnes

FatherDuane L. Bonnes
MotherJoyce Anne Scholl

Cheryl Ann Bonneville

Fred Melvin Bonngard

Marriage* Fred Melvin Bonngard and Beverly Jean Kunz were married.