Frances Boken

Marriage* Frances Boken and George Rachel were married. 
Birth*Frances Boken was born at Baden. 
Name Variation Frances Boken was also known as Frances Boker. 
Name Variation Frances Boken was also known as Frances Miller. 


George Rachel

Karen Marie Boland

Daniel E. Bolcerek

FatherEdward V. Bolcerek
MotherMarie Salaty

Edward V. Bolcerek

Marriage* Edward V. Bolcerek and Marie Salaty were married. 

Jodi M. Bolcerek

Angeline Amelia Boldt

Marriage* Angeline Amelia Boldt and John Bush Schneider were married. 


John Bush Schneider

Anthony Boldt

Delossie Ruth Boldt

Clarence C. Bolduan

Cynthia Jane Bolduan

Georgiana Bolduc

Marriage* Georgiana Bolduc and Elmer C. Gustafson were married. 


Elmer C. Gustafson

Jack Harry Bolen

Marie Anna Boll

Marriage* Marie Anna Boll and Florian J. Tschimperle were married. 


Florian J. Tschimperle

Rose Ann Boll

Brenda Lee Bolles

Norby Bollig

Sheila Kay Bollin

Marriage* Sheila Kay Bollin and Marvin William Drayna were married. 

Arthur William Bollmann

b. 17 August 1923, d. 10 April 1982
FatherOtto Bollmann
MotherMagdalena Thun
Marriage* Arthur William Bollmann and Elizabeth Katherine Kloempken, daughter of Diedrich H. Kloempken and Margaret G. Siegle, were married. 
Birth*Arthur William Bollmann was born on 17 August 1923 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 10 April 1982 at age 58, he died from injuries sustained from a self-induced shotgun blast(murder/suicide) at Minnesota, USA. 
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Christian Bollmann



Erwin Bollmann

Marriage* Erwin Bollmann and Malinda Vinkemeier were married. 

Leona Ernestine Emma Bollmann

b. 6 October 1874, d. 30 December 1954
FatherChristian Bollmann
Birth*Leona Ernestine Emma Bollmann was born on 6 October 1874 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* On 5 January 1895 Leona Ernestine Emma Bollmann and Edward Roehrborn, son of Karl Friedrich Roehrborn Sr. and Martha Barbara Seifert, were married at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 30 December 1954 at age 80, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 


Edward Roehrborn b. 6 Apr 1866, d. 9 Aug 1933
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Marlys Malinda Bollmann

FatherErwin Bollmann
MotherMalinda Vinkemeier

Otto Bollmann

Marriage* Otto Bollmann and Magdalena Thun were married. 


Magdalena Thun

Rolf Bolstad

Burt Everett Bolt