Rob Wolff

Roy Oscar Wolff

b. 25 June 1927, d. 18 December 2016
FatherHerbert Arthur Wolff b. 24 Nov 1900, d. 1 Nov 1955
MotherMyrtle Eliza Severson b. 13 Mar 1905, d. 11 Feb 1988
Marriage* Roy Oscar Wolff and Maxine Kathleen Wellens, daughter of Anthony G. Wellens and Anna M. Schneider, were married. 
Birth*Roy Oscar Wolff was born on 25 June 1927 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 18 December 2016 at age 89, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial Roy Oscar Wolff was buried at Minnesota, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Roy Oscar Wolff on 22 December 2016 at Minnesota, USA.. 
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Morschen Family Tree

Timothy Jon Wolff

FatherDarrell Wolff
MotherRuby Johnson

Tyler James Wolff

Waldon Wolff

Marriage* Waldon Wolff and Elvira Kohls were married. 

Walter Wolff

Marriage* Walter Wolff and Antoinette Suprick were married. 


Antoinette Suprick

Amelia Dorothy Wolfgram

Marriage* Amelia Dorothy Wolfgram and Bernard Frederick Herman Krueger were married. 

Guillaume Wolfs

Marriage* Guillaume Wolfs and Gertrud Goossen were married. 


Gertrud Goossen

Mathieu Wolfs

b. between 20 April 1779 and 19 April 1780, d. 1 January 1858
FatherGuillaume Wolfs
MotherGertrud Goossen
Name Variation Mathieu Wolfs was also known as Mathijs Wolfs. 
Birth*He was born between 20 April 1779 and 19 April 1780 at Limburg Province, Netherlands. 
Marriage* On 19 April 1812 Mathieu Wolfs and Maria Josepha Catharina Bommen, daughter of Johannes Antonius Bommen and Beatrix Schulpen, were married at Limburg Province, Netherlands. 
Death* On Friday, 1 January 1858, he died at Limburg Province, Netherlands. 

Mardelle Lorraine Wolleat

Marriage* Mardelle Lorraine Wolleat and Merl James Gust were married. 

Kitiara Wollin - Eyton

MotherWendy Joy Wollin b. 6 Jan 1961, d. 1 Apr 2003

Thorin Wollin - Eyton

MotherWendy Joy Wollin b. 6 Jan 1961, d. 1 Apr 2003

Donald Allen Wollin

Marriage* Donald Allen Wollin and Bernice Louise Evensen were married. 


Bernice Louise Evensen

Lena Wollin

Marriage* Lena Wollin and Albert Gotfried Exstedt were married. 
Name Variation Lena Wollin was also known as Wollen. 


Albert Gotfried Exstedt

Wendy Joy Wollin

b. 6 January 1961, d. 1 April 2003
FatherDonald Allen Wollin
MotherBernice Louise Evensen
Birth*Wendy Joy Wollin was born on 6 January 1961 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 1 April 2003 at age 42, she died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Wendy Joy Wollin on 5 April 2003 at Minnesota, USA.. 
Burial On 5 April 2003 Wendy Joy Wollin was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Donna May Wolpern

FatherHarold Fred Wolpern
MotherMarcella Leona Kerkow



Harold Fred Wolpern

Marriage* Harold Fred Wolpern and Marcella Leona Kerkow were married. 

John Christian Wolpern

Marriage* John Christian Wolpern and Mary Sophia Krueger were married. 

Margaret Wolpern

FatherJohn Christian Wolpern
MotherMary Sophia Krueger



Gordy Wolsfeld

Marriage* Gordy Wolsfeld and Virginia Lahr were married. 

Afton Elizabeth Wolter

MotherDebra Lou Leistiko b. 9 Oct 1965, d. 9 Apr 2016

Alvina A. Wolter

b. 23 August 1886, d. 18 November 1977
FatherFerdinand Wolter
MotherAnna Hoge
Name Variation Alvina A. Wolter was also known as Alwina A. Wolter. 
Birth*She was born on 23 August 1886 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 23 March 1905 Alvina A. Wolter and Herman Gustave Brockoff, son of Michael Brockoff Jr. and Julianna Boettcher, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 18 November 1977 at age 91, she died at Minnesota, USA. 


Herman Gustave Brockoff b. 14 Mar 1883, d. 3 Sep 1964
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Anna Wolter

Marriage* Anna Wolter and Fred Stoeckmann were married. 


Fred Stoeckmann

Anna Louise Wolter

Marriage* Anna Louise Wolter and Herman Heinrich Casten Koester Sr. were married. 


Herman Heinrich Casten Koester Sr.

Ardell H. Wolter

FatherJ. Peter Wolter
MotherMargaretha Engelmann
Marriage* Ardell H. Wolter and Erna M. Rolf were married.