James Luther White III

Janell Maxine White

Marriage* Janell Maxine White and Francis Carl Lieske were married. 

Jennifer Lynn White

Jennifer Mary White

Lauren Taylor White

Lavonne Julia White

Marriage* Lavonne Julia White and Kenneth William Templin were married. 

Louis H. White

Luke White

Marjorie Sue White

Marriage* Marjorie Sue White and Raymond Willard Culpepper were married. 


Raymond Willard Culpepper

Michelle Renee White

Peter White

Rebecca Ann White

Father Robert White

Tracy Allison White

Vivie Leigh White

(?) Whitehall

Emma Harriet Whiting

Marriage* Emma Harriet Whiting and John B. Williams were married. 
BirthEmma Harriet Whiting was born at Massachusetts, USA. 
Birth*She was born at New York, USA. 


John B. Williams

David Whitnah

Dawn M. Whitnah

Lillian Whitnah

Lisa J. Whitnah

Paige Whitnah

Timothy Whitnah

Frances D. Whitney

Ruth M. Whitney

Marriage* Ruth M. Whitney and Ernest Theophil Hummel were married. 


Ernest Theophil Hummel