George John Weinzierl

Marriage* George John Weinzierl and Margaret A. Theisen were married. 

Gerald William Weinzierl

FatherArthur Hubert Weinzierl
MotherEvelyn Frances Ebert



Gloria Mae Weinzierl

FatherGeorge John Weinzierl
MotherMargaret A. Theisen

Kari Louise Weinzierl

Mathew Arthur Weinzierl

b. 16 November 1979, d. 22 November 1997
Name Variation Mathew Arthur Weinzierl was also known as Matt. 
Birth*He was born on 16 November 1979 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 22 November 1997 at age 18, he died at Minnesota, USA. 

Teresa Ann Weinzierl

FatherFloyd Elmer Weinzierl
MotherMary Ann Fick

Gerald David Weir

Reverend J. Weise

Jane Weise

Kathryn Weise

Marriage* Kathryn Weise and Lester Rassat were married. 

Reverend John Weisenburger

Margaret L. Weishaar

Marriage* Margaret L. Weishaar and James M. Hutton were married. 


James M. Hutton

Ursula Weishaar

Marriage* Ursula Weishaar and Joseph Obergfell were married. 


Joseph Obergfell

Lillie Weishert

Marriage* Lillie Weishert and Paul Busse were married. 

Kevin Weispfennig

Tia Weispfennig

Trent Weispfennig

Trey Weispfennig

Catherine Weiss

Linda Weiss

Renate Weiss

Marriage* Renate Weiss and Harm L. Freese were married. 


Harm L. Freese

Teresa Mary Weiss

Marriage* Teresa Mary Weiss and Harold Leroy Conser were married. 

Timothy John Weiss

Anna Maria Weisser

b. 18 June 1811, d. 23 December 1895
Birth*Anna Maria Weisser was born on 18 June 1811 at Baden, Germany. 
Marriage* On 1851 Anna Maria Weisser and Andreas Flaig were married at Wuerttemberg, Germany. 
Death* On Monday, 23 December 1895 at age 84, she died from heart failiure at Wisconsin, USA. 
Burial* Anna Maria Weisser was buried at Wisconsin, USA. Plot: "F/15/3". 


Andreas Flaig b. bt Jun 1811 - May 1812, d. 24 Feb 1879

Frances Cecelia Weivoda

Marriage* Frances Cecelia Weivoda and John M. Ludowese were married. 


John M. Ludowese