Lorenz August Wagner

Marriage* Lorenz August Wagner and Ella Mae Brace were married. 

Loretta Margaret Wagner

Marriage* Loretta Margaret Wagner and Walter Joseph Meyer were married. 


Walter Joseph Meyer

Lorna M. Wagner

b. 25 February 1920, d. 12 January 2001
Birth*Lorna M. Wagner was born on 25 February 1920 at Nebraska, USA. 
Marriage* On circa 1946 Lorna M. Wagner and Carl William Stude Jr., son of Carl William Stude and Minnie Pinz, were married. 
Death* On Friday, 12 January 2001 at age 80, she died at California, USA. 
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Lynette Marie Wagner

Marriage* Lynette Marie Wagner and Scott Jerome Henry were married. 
Name Variation Lynette Marie Wagner was also known as Lynn. 

Margaret Wagner

Margaretha Wagner

FatherAugust Wagner b. 18 Mar 1904
MotherGretchen Harthun b. 9 Sep 1904

Mark Brian Wagner

FatherRobert Rudolph Wagner
MotherHelen Carol Lindeman

Reverend Phil Wagner

Randall Kim Wagner

FatherRobert Rudolph Wagner
MotherHelen Carol Lindeman

Robert Rudolph Wagner

Marriage* Robert Rudolph Wagner and Helen Carol Lindeman were married. 

Rose Ann Wagner

Marriage* Rose Ann Wagner and Paul Emil Quandt were married. 
Name Variation Rose Ann Wagner was also known as Rose Wegner. 


Paul Emil Quandt

Roxanne Therese Wagner

FatherGeorge A. Wagner
MotherConstance Sieve

Ruth Wagner

FatherAugust Wagner b. 18 Mar 1904
MotherGretchen Harthun b. 9 Sep 1904

Sidney Lauren Wagner

Sophia Wagner



Tracy Lynn Wagner

Wendy Wagner

Marriage* Wendy Wagner and Darryl McDermand were married. 

Christine Elizabeth Wagy

Patricia Wahl

Marriage* Patricia Wahl and Donald Bitzan were married. 

Reverend Fred Wahlers

Marriage* Reverend Fred Wahlers and Emma Schwieger were married. 


Emma Schwieger

Margarete Helen Wahlers

b. 16 October 1916, d. 11 February 2014
FatherReverend Fred Wahlers
MotherEmma Schwieger
Name Variation Margarete Helen Wahlers was also known as Marge. 
Birth*She was born on 16 October 1916 at North Carolina, USA. 
Marriage* On 20 June 1941 Margarete Helen Wahlers and Norman Carl Carlson M.D., son of Carl Wilhelm Carlson and Charlotte Wilhelmina Naegeli, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 11 February 2014 at age 97, she died at Oregon, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Margarete Helen Wahlers on 5 April 2014 at Oregon, USA.. 
Burial Margarete Helen Wahlers was buried at California, USA. 


Norman Carl Carlson M.D. b. 3 Jun 1915, d. 13 Apr 1985
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Angela Marie Waibel

FatherCharles Joseph Waibel
MotherRita Mae Domeier

Charles Joseph Waibel

Marriage* Charles Joseph Waibel and Rita Mae Domeier were married. 

Anton Waier

Marriage* Anton Waier and Stella Welnicki were married. 


Stella Welnicki

David Waier

FatherGerald A. Waier d. 5 Apr 2012