Peter Paul Voca

b. 29 June 1960, d. 29 June 1960
Death* On Wednesday, 29 June 1960, he died from complications due to a premature birth at Minnesota, USA. 
Birth*Peter Paul Voca was born on 29 June 1960 at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* On 2 July 1960 Peter Paul Voca was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Robert William Voca

FatherWilliam Kevin Voca b. 31 Mar 1958, d. 30 Jun 1997
MotherIda Anna Freese b. 10 Mar 1961, d. 30 Jul 2000

Tianna Voca

William Kevin Voca

b. 31 March 1958, d. 30 June 1997
Birth*William Kevin Voca was born on 31 March 1958 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 27 September 1980 William Kevin Voca and Ida Anna Freese, daughter of Harm L. Freese and Renate Weiss, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 30 June 1997 at age 39, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for William Kevin Voca on 5 July 1997 at Wisconsin, USA.. 

Tom Vock

William Voegle

Marriage* On before 1891 William Voegle and Isabella Garcia Pinto were married. 

Irene M. Voegtlin



August Voelker

Marriage* August Voelker and Wilhelmine Boeder were married. 

John Voelker

FatherAugust Voelker
MotherWilhelmine Boeder


Dora Luepke b. 26 Aug 1889, d. 5 Mar 1981

Lillian Voelker

b. circa 1912, d. 1971
MotherDora Luepke b. 26 Aug 1889, d. 5 Mar 1981
Marriage* Lillian Voelker and Vernon Edward Diethman, son of Edward Diethman and Julia Roehrenbacker, were married. 
Birth*Lillian Voelker was born circa 1912 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* In 1971, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 

Dorothee Eleonore Voelksen

b. 1826
Death*, she died at Germany. 
Marriage* Dorothee Eleonore Voelksen and Johann Heinrich Conrad Harms, son of Johann Peter Harms and Dorothea Grunhagen, were married. 
Birth*Dorothee Eleonore Voelksen was born in 1826 at Germany. 
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Jeanette Voelz

Augusta Vogel

Marriage* Augusta Vogel and Ephraim Gleich were married. 

Barbara Jean Vogel

Marriage* Barbara Jean Vogel and William Hubert Heyn were married. 

Eva Mary Vogel

Marriage* Eva Mary Vogel and Leonard John Heutmaker were married. 


Leonard John Heutmaker

Reverend L.E. Vogel

Magdalena Vogel

Marriage* Magdalena Vogel and August Tschimperle were married. 


August Tschimperle

Margaret Anna Vogel

Marriage* Margaret Anna Vogel and Raymond George Griep were married. 

Marie L. Vogel

b. between January 1862 and December 1862, d. 2 March 1935
Name Variation Marie L. Vogel was also known as Mary L. Vogel. 
BirthShe was born in August 1861 at Germany. 
Birth*She was born between January 1862 and December 1862 at Germany. 
Marriage* On circa 1890 Marie L. Vogel and John Hinderman were married. 
Marriage* On before 1 January 1920 Marie L. Vogel and George John Beck, son of George John Beck and Anna Maria Schweigert, were married. 
Death* On Saturday, 2 March 1935, she died at Oregon, USA. 


John Hinderman b. Jul 1850
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Mary Eva Vogel

Marriage* Mary Eva Vogel and Leonardus Joannes Heutmaker were married. 


Leonardus Joannes Heutmaker

Mathilda Vogel

Rebecca Vogel

Rose Mary Vogel

Marriage* Rose Mary Vogel and David Clarence Peterson were married. 

Barbara Vogeli

Name Variation Barbara Vogeli was also known as Fagley. 
Marriage* Barbara Vogeli and Christian Leininger were married. 


Christian Leininger

Bertha Vogt

Marriage* Bertha Vogt and John Ernst Klaustermeier were married. 


John Ernst Klaustermeier