Stuart Varner

Mary Vasar

Name Variation Mary Vasar was also known as Mary Vasser. 
Name Variation Mary Vasar was also known as Vassar. 
Marriage* Mary Vasar and Isadore Hamlin were married. 


Isadore Hamlin

Francis J. Vaske

Jimmy Vasquez

Margaret Vaughan

Anna Vaughn

Marriage* Anna Vaughn and LeRoy DeMarais were married. 


LeRoy DeMarais

Charles Phillip Vaughn

James Daniel Vaughn

James Robert Vaughn

Mother(?) Longerman

Lucille Barbara Vaughn

Marriage* Lucille Barbara Vaughn and Gary Bernal Gibbons were married. 

Robert Lloyd Vaughn III

Robert Lloyd Vaughn Jr.

Tammy Rae Vaughn

Tracy Allen Vaughn

Vicki Lynn Vaughn

Louann Marie Vealetzek

Marriage* Louann Marie Vealetzek and Stephen Anthony Laxen were married. 

Mary Vealitzek

Marriage* Mary Vealitzek and Bernard Dircks were married. 

Abby Lynn Veches

Anastasia Veches

Marriage* Anastasia Veches and Joseph Francis Baker were married. 
Name Variation Anastasia Veches was also known as Susie. 


Joseph Francis Baker

April Marie Veches

Barbara Veches

Marriage* Barbara Veches and John Vokaty were married. 

Constance Veches

Marriage* Constance Veches and Laurence Ertel were married. 

George Victor Veches

Audrey E. Vedder

FatherAugust Henry Vedder b. 27 Apr 1895, d. 7 Nov 1983
MotherMartha Magdalena Stephan b. 9 Nov 1900, d. 5 Oct 1986

August Henry Vedder

b. 27 April 1895, d. 7 November 1983
FatherJohn Vedder
MotherIsabella Garcia Pinto
Name Variation August Henry Vedder was also known as Henry. 
Birth*He was born on 27 April 1895 at Louisiana, USA. 
Marriage* On circa 1922 August Henry Vedder and Martha Magdalena Stephan, daughter of John George Stephan and Emma A. Schmidt, were married. 
Death* On Monday, 7 November 1983 at age 88, he died at Florida, USA. 
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