Josephine Fay Sturges

Marriage* Josephine Fay Sturges and Alfred R. Holmbeck were married. 

Michelle Sturges

Caroline Sturm

Marriage* Caroline Sturm and Charles Schmidgall were married. 

Reverend Harold Sturm

John Henry Sturm

Marriage* John Henry Sturm and Gretchen Eleanora Metzen were married. 

Julie Sturm

Katharina Sturm



Roger Thomas Sturm

FatherJohn Henry Sturm
MotherGretchen Eleanora Metzen

Reverend (?) Stuth

Dawn Marie Stuve

Lawrence Kaomea Subiono

Melody Iwalani Subiono

Dominick Jay Sudheimer

Elmer Sudheimer

Marriage* Elmer Sudheimer and Evelyn Brown were married. 

Jay Thomas Sudheimer

Kristen Karol Sudheimer

Thomas Elmer Sudheimer

FatherElmer Sudheimer
MotherEvelyn Brown

Wanda Lea Suek

Marriage* Wanda Lea Suek and Michael John Miho were married. 

Curtis Walter Suemnick

Marriage* Curtis Walter Suemnick and Bonnie Mae Androli were married. 

Susan Kay Suemnick

FatherCurtis Walter Suemnick
MotherBonnie Mae Androli

Julie Ann Suess

Monica Suffield

Ella Matilda Gerhardine Suhr

Marriage* Ella Matilda Gerhardine Suhr and Arthur Emanuel Hansen were married. 

Ronald Suhr

Martha Sukau

Marriage* Martha Sukau and Daniel Thomas Ewart were married. 


Daniel Thomas Ewart