Nick Stampfel

Marion Frank Stamps

Marriage* Marion Frank Stamps and Delma Ann Block were married. 

Penny Louise Stamps

FatherMarion Frank Stamps
MotherDelma Ann Block



Linda Mae Stanberg

Marriage* Linda Mae Stanberg and Larry Eugene Dencklau were married. 

Michael Edward Stancek

Marcella Katherine Standfest

Marriage* Marcella Katherine Standfest and Waldo M. Segerstrom were married. 

Mary Jane Standfield

Barbara Dorothy Stanek

Marriage* Barbara Dorothy Stanek and LaFayette L. Nelson were married. 


LaFayette L. Nelson

Dennis Joseph Stanek

Marriage* Dennis Joseph Stanek and Kathleen Elsie Ogg were married. 

Jeffrey Dean Stanek

FatherDennis Joseph Stanek
MotherKathleen Elsie Ogg

Leah Ione Stanek

Noah Jeffrey Stanek

Emeline Stanford

Marriage* Emeline Stanford and John H. Deakin were married. 


John H. Deakin

Robert Lawrence Stang

b. 29 December 1934, d. 11 November 1983
FatherSylas Peter Stang
MotherBarbara Leibert
Birth*Robert Lawrence Stang was born on 29 December 1934 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 11 November 1983 at age 48, he died at Minnesota, USA. 

Sylas Peter Stang

Marriage* Sylas Peter Stang and Barbara Leibert were married. 


Barbara Leibert

John Stange

Sharon Kay Stange

Marriage* Sharon Kay Stange and Don Raymond Rittenour were married. 

Alexandra Stanger

Brady Stanger

Dale Stanger

Connie Isabelle Stangler

Shirley Ann Mildred Stankey

Mary Stanko

Marriage* Mary Stanko and Norman G. Tradup were married. 

(?) Stanky

George Jordan Stanley

Marriage* On 12 April 1908 George Jordan Stanley and Lois Rice were married at Illinois, USA. 
Marriage* On 27 November 1929 George Jordan Stanley and Gladys Bachelder were married. 


Lois Rice