Victoria Sherwan

Michelle M. Sherwood

Christa Jean Shewchuk

Michael Arthur Shewchuk

Anna Shewchyk

Marriage* Anna Shewchyk and Mike Poluk were married. 


Mike Poluk

Chris Shickowski

Abby Shields

Breana Shields

Florence Shields

Marriage* Florence Shields and Theodore Joseph Le May were married. 


Theodore Joseph Le May

Carole Jean Shimanski

Marriage* Carole Jean Shimanski and Milo Francis Pokorny were married. 

Florette Shimon

b. 13 June 1936, d. 23 December 2009
Adoptive fatherVictor J. Shimon b. 1910, d. 6 Jul 1954
MotherBlanche Kowalski b. 24 Jun 1913, d. May 1962
Name Variation Florette Shimon was also known as Kowalski. 
Birth*She was born on 13 June 1936 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 23 December 2009 at age 73, she died. 
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Frank Shimon



Victor J. Shimon

b. 1910, d. 6 July 1954
FatherFrank Shimon
Birth*Victor J. Shimon was born in 1910 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* Victor J. Shimon and Blanche Kowalski, daughter of Dominic Thomas Kowalski and Frances Agnes Nitka, were married. 
Death* On Tuesday, 6 July 1954, he died from a long-term illness at Illinois, USA. 
Burial* Victor J. Shimon was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 


Blanche Kowalski b. 24 Jun 1913, d. May 1962
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Andrew Charles Shimota

Charles Richard Shimota

FatherRichard W. Shimota
MotherPatricia Ann McDonald

Joseph John Shimota

Randi Marie Shimota

Richard Drew Shimota

Richard W. Shimota

Marriage* Richard W. Shimota and Patricia Ann McDonald were married. 

Sadie E. Shimota

Marriage* Sadie E. Shimota and Harvey Erving Hoefs were married. 


Harvey Erving Hoefs

Reginald Shipp

Blucher Shippee

Marriage* Blucher Shippee and Laura Cordella Cole were married. 


Laura Cordella Cole

Edna Alice Shippee

b. 21 April 1892, d. 1 October 1965
FatherBlucher Shippee
MotherLaura Cordella Cole
Birth*Edna Alice Shippee was born on 21 April 1892 at Illinois, USA. 
BaptismShe was baptized at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 27 October 1914 Edna Alice Shippee and Frederick Julius Carity, son of August Carity and Louisa Buechler, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 27 November 1930 Edna Alice Shippee and Walter Henry Jaus, son of Simon Jaus and Augusta Burgstahler, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Divorce*Edna Alice Jaus and Walter Henry Jaus were divorced circa 1953. 
Death* On Friday, 1 October 1965 at age 73, she died at California, USA. 


Frederick Julius Carity b. 14 Feb 1892, d. 6 May 1968
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Gilbert M. Shirk

Marriage* Gilbert M. Shirk and Ella Mae Cutnam were married. 

Harry Lee Shirk

Adoptive fatherGilbert M. Shirk
Adoptive motherElla Mae Cutnam