Larry Charles Rossow

FatherErwin Henry Rossow b. 29 Aug 1911, d. 17 Dec 1994
Step-motherClara C. Collins b. 23 Mar 1909, d. 6 Nov 1967

Ronald Richard Rossow

FatherErwin Henry Rossow b. 29 Aug 1911, d. 17 Dec 1994
Step-motherClara C. Collins b. 23 Mar 1909, d. 6 Nov 1967

Ruth Janette Rost

Marriage* Ruth Janette Rost and Lester Joseph Degenstein were married. 

Marie Elise Rostert



(?) Rostron

Shirley Ann Rotenberry

Marriage* Shirley Ann Rotenberry and Donald E. Taylor were married. 

Adam Roth

Marriage* Adam Roth and Lydia Miller were married. 


Lydia Miller

Elsa Irene Roth

b. 26 March 1917, d. 9 July 1992
FatherAdam Roth
MotherLydia Miller
Birth*Elsa Irene Roth was born on 26 March 1917 at Washington, USA. 
Marriage* On 1 January 1937 Elsa Irene Roth and Walter Henry Tanke, son of William Henry Tanke and Christine Harms, were married. 
Death* On Thursday, 9 July 1992 at age 75, she died. 
FuneralFuneral services were held for Elsa Irene Roth on 13 July 1992 at Washington, USA.. 
Burial* On 13 July 1992 Elsa Irene Roth was buried at Washington, USA. 
ChartsHarms Family Tree

Fredric H. Roth

b. 17 October 1916, d. 27 September 1967
FatherMax Roth
MotherRuth (?)
Name Variation Fredric H. Roth was also known as Fred H. Roth. 
Birth*He was born on 17 October 1916 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* On 22 July 1939 Fredric H. Roth and Bernice Kathke, daughter of William Kathke and Rose E. Koch, were married at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 27 September 1967 at age 50, he died from a heart attack at Wisconsin, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Fredric H. Roth on 29 September 1967 at Wisconsin, USA.. 
Burial On 29 September 1967 Fredric H. Roth was buried at Wisconsin, USA. 
ChartsGartman/Gartmann Family Tree

Frieda Roth

Marriage* Frieda Roth and Harry Laabs were married. 

Jacob Christopher Roth

Jill Roth

FatherFredric H. Roth b. 17 Oct 1916, d. 27 Sep 1967
MotherBernice Kathke b. c Sep 1919

Kami Roth

Kent Brian Roth

Lance Roth

Larry Robert Roth

FatherWesley Robert Roth
MotherJoan Hagman

Max Roth

Marriage* Max Roth and Ruth (?) were married. 


Ruth (?)

Megan Christine Roth

Michelle Roth

Mitchell Tyler Roth

Peter Charles Roth

FatherWilliam Raymond Roth b. 18 Oct 1913, d. 25 Jan 2005

Peter Charles Roth Jr.

Tara Marie Roth

Wesley Robert Roth

Marriage* Wesley Robert Roth and Joan Hagman were married. 

William Roth

Marriage* William Roth and Agnes Michels were married. 


Agnes Michels