Unknown Son Roberts

Caitlin Roberts-Miner

Cindy Marite Robertson

Clifford Robertson

Joanna Robertson



Keith Robertson

Ronald Robertson

Susanne Lucille Robichaud

Carol Robideau

Marriage* Carol Robideau and Kenneth R. Bromley were married. 

Catherine Mary Robinson

FatherThomas Ray Robinson
MotherNorma Elaine Nelson

Justin Robinson

Larry Robinson

Marcia Zella Robinson

Marriage* Marcia Zella Robinson and Fritz Theodore Oltmanns were married. 
Marriage* On 28 December 1963 Marcia Zella Robinson and Michael John Manifold were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 13 July 1978 Marcia Zella Robinson and William Louis Parreault were married at Minnesota, USA. 

Nellie Mae Robinson

Marriage* Nellie Mae Robinson and George Melvin Blair were married. 


George Melvin Blair

Nora Robinson

Marriage* Nora Robinson and Harold G. Hofstetter were married. 

Thelma Robinson

Marriage* Thelma Robinson and Robert T. Trimble were married. 

Thomas Ray Robinson

Name Variation Thomas Ray Robinson was also known as TJ. 
Marriage* Thomas Ray Robinson and Norma Elaine Nelson were married. 

George Robison

Marriage* George Robison and Mary V. Byczynski were married. 


Mary V. Byczynski

William Franklin Robison

b. 16 February 1914, d. 3 July 1980
FatherGeorge Robison
MotherMary V. Byczynski
Name Variation William Franklin Robison was also known as Frank. 
Name Variation William Franklin Robison was also known as Frank William. 
Birth*He was born on 16 February 1914 at Illinois, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 3 July 1980 at age 66, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* On 7 July 1980 William Franklin Robison was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Jim Robling

Steve Robling

Judith Mariann Robotnik

Mike Robson

Joseph H. Roby

Marriage* Joseph H. Roby and Celina Rowena Belding were married. 

Justin Miles Rocheleau