Clara Post

Marriage* Clara Post and Roy Clinton Sachen were married. 

Elaine Lillian Post

Marriage* Elaine Lillian Post and William Robert Eccless were married. 

Elizabeth Ruth Post

Marriage* Elizabeth Ruth Post and Alphonse John Ertl were married. 

Helen Caroline Post

b. 6 August 1910, d. 5 March 2000
FatherCharles Author Post
MotherHelene Lena Repke
Birth*Helen Caroline Post was born on 6 August 1910 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 13 May 1933 Helen Caroline Post and John Edward Bruns, son of Martin Bruns and Maria Theresia Pass, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 5 March 2000 at age 89, she died at Minnesota, USA. 


John Edward Bruns b. 6 May 1905, d. 4 Jun 1978
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Mary Ellen Post

Marriage* On 1904 Mary Ellen Post and William H. Vann were married. 
Marriage* On 19 October 1913 Mary Ellen Post and Morgan Frank Cordell were married at Oklahoma, USA. 


William H. Vann

Reverend William Postel

Mary Jane Poston

b. 21 November 1925, d. 26 May 2013
FatherWilliam R. Poston Jr.
MotherGoldie M. (?)
Marriage* Mary Jane Poston and Andrew F. Draby were married. 
Marriage* Mary Jane Poston and Charles Arthur Kimes were married. 
Birth*Mary Jane Poston was born on 21 November 1925. 
Marriage* Mary Jane Poston and John Maleckas Jr., son of John Maleckas and Amelia Lankas, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 26 May 2013 at age 87, she died. 
Burial* Mary Jane Poston was buried at Michigan, USA. 

Taylor Lynn Poston

Will Poston

William R. Poston Jr.

Marriage* William R. Poston Jr. and Goldie M. (?) were married. 


Goldie M. (?)

(?) Poth

Gloria Poth

d. 2 April 2001
Marriage* On 5 November 1955 Gloria Poth and Erwin W. Fritsch Jr., son of Erwin H. Fritsch Sr. and Hulda Emma Kraemer, were married at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 2 April 2001, she died. 
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Bernard Potochnik

Marriage* Bernard Potochnik and Mary Gardner were married. 


Mary Gardner

Bernard Potochnik II

FatherBernard Wallace Potochnik b. 16 Apr 1922, d. 28 Oct 2008

Bernard Wallace Potochnik

b. 16 April 1922, d. 28 October 2008
FatherBernard Potochnik
MotherMary Gardner
Birth*Bernard Wallace Potochnik was born on 16 April 1922 at Pennsylvania, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 28 October 2008 at age 86, he died. 

Jan Potochnik

FatherBernard Wallace Potochnik b. 16 Apr 1922, d. 28 Oct 2008

Jill Potochnik

FatherBernard Wallace Potochnik b. 16 Apr 1922, d. 28 Oct 2008

Lori Potochnik

FatherBernard Wallace Potochnik b. 16 Apr 1922, d. 28 Oct 2008

Harry W. Pott

FatherWilliam Pott
MotherRosa Pape

William Pott

Marriage* William Pott and Rosa Pape were married. 

Ashley Potter

Ashley Lynn Potter

Cole Styke Potter

Ethel Potter

Marriage* Ethel Potter and Clarence D. Washburn were married. 


Clarence D. Washburn

Jesse Nicolas Potter