Sarah Joy Peterson

Scott Peterson

Scott Edmond Peterson

Shawn Peterson

Shelby Elizabeth Peterson

FatherDavid Clarence Peterson
MotherRose Mary Vogel

Shirley Mae Peterson

Marriage* Shirley Mae Peterson and Joseph Junior Findlay were married. 

Steven Peterson

FatherEugene Allen Peterson d. 1990
MotherAdeline Hazel Zimpel b. 5 Oct 1925, d. 18 Mar 2016

Steven Richard Peterson

Susan Rae Peterson

FatherReynoir Peterson
MotherIna Mae Lund

Sydney Peterson

Taryn Ann Peterson

Timothy John Clayton Peterson

Toni Mae Peterson

Tyler Peterson

Unknown #1 Peterson

Unknown #2 Peterson

Unknown Daughter #1 Peterson

Unknown Son #1 Peterson

Unknown Son #2 Peterson

Veril Dale Peterson

Marriage* Veril Dale Peterson and Winnifred Gladys Mattsfield were married. 

Violet Amelia Peterson

Marriage* Violet Amelia Peterson and Lawrence A. Dahl were married. 

Virginia Lee Peterson

Marriage* Virginia Lee Peterson and Cyril Edward Leivermann were married. 
Name Variation Virginia Lee Peterson was also known as Pete. 

Vivian Peterson

Marriage* Vivian Peterson and Ormand Otterson were married. 

Penny L. Petree

Brian Keith Petrich

FatherRobert Keith Petrich
MotherJene Karole Horkey