Isabella Perez

Santiago Perez

Victor Perez

Tony Perino

(?) Perkins

(?) Perkins

Adam Perron

Marriage* Adam Perron and Jeanette M. Morein were married. 
Marriage* Adam Perron and Eugena Morein were married. 


Jeanette M. Morein

James Joseph Perron

b. 5 March 1932, d. 4 January 1984
FatherMarshall Perron
MotherGrace Tatge
Name Variation James Joseph Perron was also known as Jim. 
Birth*He was born on 5 March 1932 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 4 January 1984 at age 51, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* On 9 January 1984 James Joseph Perron was buried at Minnesota, USA. Plot: "Q, 0, 771". 

Jeanne Marie Perron

b. 24 September 1921, d. 19 December 1971
FatherAdam Perron
MotherJeanette M. Morein
Name Variation Jeanne Marie Perron was also known as Percy Jeanne Perron. 
Marriage* Jeanne Marie Perron and Ernst George Kelm Jr., son of Ernest George Kelm and Wilhelmina Anna Hupka, were married. 
Birth*Jeanne Marie Perron was born on 24 September 1921 at Louisiana, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 19 December 1971 at age 50, she died at Alaska, USA. 
Burial* Jeanne Marie Perron was buried at Alaska, USA. 
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Lori Jean Perron

Marriage* Lori Jean Perron and Timothy Lee Carlson were married. 

Marshall Perron

Marriage* Marshall Perron and Grace Tatge were married. 


Grace Tatge

Marie Perrson

Marriage* Marie Perrson and Nels John Sherlund were married. 

Beatrice Anne Perry

b. 1 July 1906, d. 1 April 1996
Marriage* Beatrice Anne Perry and Francis Mark Madden, son of Lawrence W. Madden and Mary Young, were married. 
Birth*Beatrice Anne Perry was born on 1 July 1906 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Monday, 1 April 1996 at age 89, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
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Elizabeth Lula Perry

Eva Mae Perry

Gladys Marie Perry

Marriage* Gladys Marie Perry and Rudolph Herman Rettmann were married. 

John B. C. Perry



Reverend Steve Persa

Elmer Perschau

Marriage* Elmer Perschau and Elma Fredericks were married. 

Gertrude E. Perschau

Marriage* Gertrude E. Perschau and Herbert Grack were married. 


Herbert Grack

Jacquelyn Marianne Perschau

FatherElmer Perschau
MotherElma Fredericks

Janice Mary Perschau

Marriage* Janice Mary Perschau and Larry Eldor Mathews were married. 

Laverna Elizabeth Perschau

FatherRobert Perschau
MotherDorothea Bargmann


Clement Edward Mackenthun b. 22 Nov 1921, d. 16 Feb 2011

Marie Emma Perschau

Marriage* Marie Emma Perschau and Alfred Herman Schultz were married. 

Robert Perschau

Marriage* Robert Perschau and Dorothea Bargmann were married.