Robert L. O'Driscoll

b. 11 May 1913, d. 23 June 2003
Marriage* Robert L. O'Driscoll and Ruth M. Kathke, daughter of William Kathke and Rose E. Koch, were married. 
Birth*Robert L. O'Driscoll was born on 11 May 1913. 
Death* On Monday, 23 June 2003 at age 90, he died. 
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Benjamin Terrence O'Grady

Samuel Louis O'Grady

Terrence William Patrick O'Grady

Victoria Katherine O'Grady

Zachary Thomas O'Grady

Jennifer O'Hare

John Urban O'Hare

b. 26 May 1945, d. 23 January 1975
Birth*John Urban O'Hare was born on 26 May 1945 at Iowa, USA. 
Death* On Thursday, 23 January 1975 at age 29, he died at Texas, USA. 

Kathryn Jean O'Hare

Robert Lee O'Hare



Shirley Marie O'Hare

Susan O'Hare

Erin Patricia O'Kane

Carole Maxine O'Laughlin

Marriage* Carole Maxine O'Laughlin and Earl Clayton Estabrooks were married. 

Jacqueline Marie O'Leary

Kelley Maureen O'Leary

Michael Carl O'Leary

Rosalyn Darlene O'Leary

Sean Christopher O'Leary

Agnes O'Loughlin

Marriage* Agnes O'Loughlin and Martin J. McAlpine were married. 
Name Variation Agnes O'Loughlin was also known as Agnes O'Laughlin. 
Nickname Agnes O'Loughlin also went by the name of Agrina. 


Martin J. McAlpine

Joanne Rose O'Loughlin

Marriage* Joanne Rose O'Loughlin and James Arthur Luce were married. 

Sherry O'Malley

Bridget O'Meara

Marriage* Bridget O'Meara and Eugene McNamara were married. 


Eugene McNamara

Jane O'Meara

Marriage* Jane O'Meara and Frank Joseph Moudry were married. 


Frank Joseph Moudry

Betsy Louise O'Neal

Marriage* Betsy Louise O'Neal and Charles Calvin Mumaw were married.