Clarence Henry Noll

Marriage* Clarence Henry Noll and Arvilla Dorothy Laabs were married. 

James Paul Noll

b. 10 July 1946, d. 25 August 2017
FatherJohn A. Noll Sr.
MotherLorna L. Gutzke
Birth*James Paul Noll was born on 10 July 1946 at Minnesota, USA. 
BaptismHe was baptized at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 25 August 2017 at age 71, he died from cancer at Minnesota, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for James Paul Noll on 29 August 2017 at Minnesota, USA.. 

Jennifer Kay Noll

FatherJames Paul Noll b. 10 Jul 1946, d. 25 Aug 2017

John A. Noll Sr.

Marriage* John A. Noll Sr. and Lorna L. Gutzke were married. 


Lorna L. Gutzke

Robin Beth Noll

FatherJames Paul Noll b. 10 Jul 1946, d. 25 Aug 2017

Irene Theresa Nolz

David Donald Nonweiler

FatherKeith Allen Nonweiler
MotherWanda Elizabeth Jensen

Keith Allen Nonweiler

Marriage* Keith Allen Nonweiler and Wanda Elizabeth Jensen were married. 

Lindsay Nichole Nonweiler

Matthew Jon Nonweiler

Lyle Jerome Noorlun

Colleen Gay Norberg

Gary Ray Norberg

Janis Joy Norberg

John Oscar Norberg

Marriage* John Oscar Norberg and Alida Charlotte Nelson were married. 

Marilyn Kay Norberg

b. 16 September 1950, d. 2 June 1999
Marriage* Marilyn Kay Norberg and (?) Blechinger were married. 
Birth*Marilyn Kay Norberg was born on 16 September 1950 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 2 June 1999 at age 48, she died at Minnesota, USA. 

Ray Merle Norberg

FatherJohn Oscar Norberg
MotherAlida Charlotte Nelson



Roger David Norberg

b. 3 March 1953, d. 24 May 1953
Birth*Roger David Norberg was born on 3 March 1953 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Sunday, 24 May 1953, he died at Minnesota, USA. 

Sherry Lee Norberg

Carol Norby


Allan Rick Sr. b. 23 Jun 1938, d. 18 May 1990

Lynn Ann Norby

Marriage* Lynn Ann Norby and Gerald Alan Hoese were married. 

Carol Anne Norcross

Irene Florence Nord

Marriage* Irene Florence Nord and Einer Reynold Olson were married. 

Patrick K. Nordaby

May Viola Nordang

Marriage* May Viola Nordang and George Herbert Barber were married.