Matthew Albert Mickelson

Marriage* Matthew Albert Mickelson and Ethel Green were married. 

Hannah Mickey

James Mickey

John Mickey

Jean Bernadette Micko

Marriage* Jean Bernadette Micko and Earl Thomas Freiberg were married. 

Mary Middendorf

Marriage* Mary Middendorf and Danial Mackedanz were married. 

(?) Middleton

Betty Jane Midtbruget

Marriage* Betty Jane Midtbruget and John Alvin Petersen were married. 


John Alvin Petersen

Imogene Lois Midtbruget

Marriage* Imogene Lois Midtbruget and Dr. Norman Ingvald Frederickson were married. 
Name Variation Imogene Lois Midtbruget was also known as Midbruget. 


Dr. Norman Ingvald Frederickson

Aldon Mielke

d. before 19 July 2009
Marriage* Aldon Mielke and Evelyn Gartmann, daughter of August B. Gartmann and Anna Lauriena Passehl, were married. 
Death* Before 19 July 2009, he died. 
ChartsGartman/Gartmann Family Tree

Anna Mielke

b. January 1837, d. 13 January 1926
FatherMike Mielke
MotherChristine Marquard
Birth*Anna Mielke was born in January 1837 at Germany. 
Marriage* Anna Mielke and Michael Brockhoff Sr., son of Brockhoff, were married. 
Death* On Wednesday, 13 January 1926, she died at Minnesota, USA. 


Michael Brockhoff Sr. b. 8 Apr 1820, d. 20 Nov 1905
ChartsBrockoff/Brockhoff/Brockob Family Tree

Daniel Mielke

Daniel Joseph Mielke

FatherLe Roy Albert Mielke
MotherLorraine Asunta Nardini

Ervin J. Mielke

b. 15 September 1914, d. 22 March 1955
FatherFred Mielke
MotherDena Bergs
Birth*Ervin J. Mielke was born on 15 September 1914 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 22 March 1955 at age 40, he died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* Ervin J. Mielke was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Erwin Albert Mielke

Marriage* Erwin Albert Mielke and Sylvia Hannah Schultz were married. 

Fern Katherine Mielke

Marriage* Fern Katherine Mielke and James Walter Cameron were married. 

Fred Mielke

Marriage* Fred Mielke and Dena Bergs were married. 


Dena Bergs

Gottlieb Mielke

b. 6 February 1842, d. 31 August 1919
Birth*Gottlieb Mielke was born on 6 February 1842 at Germany. 
Marriage* On circa 1866 Gottlieb Mielke and Anna Nimtz were married. 
Marriage* On circa 1911 Gottlieb Mielke and Mrs. (?) Sellie were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 31 August 1919 at age 77, he died from suicide by hanging at Minnesota, USA. The time of death was listed as 9 p.m.. 
Burial* On 3 September 1919 Gottlieb Mielke was buried at Minnesota, USA. 


Anna Nimtz b. 10 Feb 1842, d. 4 Feb 1909
ChartsMielke Family Tree

Ida Augusta Anna Mielke

b. 15 June 1874, d. 17 June 1942
FatherGottlieb Mielke b. 6 Feb 1842, d. 31 Aug 1919
MotherAnna Nimtz b. 10 Feb 1842, d. 4 Feb 1909
Birth*Ida Augusta Anna Mielke was born on 15 June 1874 at Alt Stettin, Germany. 
Marriage* On 26 October 1893 Ida Augusta Anna Mielke and August Spannaus, son of Friedrich Bernhard Spannaus and Caroline M. Joel, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 23 September 1896 Ida Augusta Anna Mielke and Charles F. Kleist, son of Christian Kleist and Henrietta Wilhelmina Sternke, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 17 June 1942 at age 68, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* Ida Augusta Anna Mielke was buried at Minnesota, USA. 

Family 1

August Spannaus b. 3 Apr 1870, d. 23 Feb 1895

Family 2

Charles F. Kleist b. 30 Jan 1871, d. 13 Jun 1930
ChartsKleist Family Tree
Mielke Family Tree
Steinke/Sternke Family Tree

Irvin E. Mielke

Marriage* Irvin E. Mielke and Emma B. Knacke were married. 

Janet Erna Mielke

FatherErvin J. Mielke b. 15 Sep 1914, d. 22 Mar 1955

Jason Mielke

Jenny Mielke

Le Roy Albert Mielke

Marriage* Le Roy Albert Mielke and Lorraine Asunta Nardini were married. 

Loren Lloyd Mielke

FatherIrvin E. Mielke
MotherEmma B. Knacke