Todd B. Loechler

Charles John Loegering

David Charles Loegering

Keith Michael Loegering

Ryan Thomas Loegering

April Ann Loehrer

Reverend Kenneth Loehrke

Carol Ann Elizabeth Loehrs

Marriage* Carol Ann Elizabeth Loehrs and Norman Harold Arthur Dose were married. 

Melanie Marie Loehrs

Marriage* Melanie Marie Loehrs and Ralph Michael Ertl were married. 

Elizabeth Mary Loersch

b. 15 December 1923, d. 18 June 1993
FatherOscar John Loersch
MotherJohanna C. Sadlier
Name Variation Elizabeth Mary Loersch was also known as Betty. 
Birth*She was born on 15 December 1923 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* On 15 May 1943 Elizabeth Mary Loersch and Roger W. Lieding, son of August A. B. Lieding and Lydia Maria Anna Bahr, were married at Texas, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 18 June 1993 at age 69, she died at Florida, USA. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Elizabeth Mary Loersch on 23 June 1993 at Wisconsin, USA.. 
Burial Elizabeth Mary Loersch was buried at Wisconsin, USA. Plot: "Sec 3". 


Roger W. Lieding b. 20 Jul 1921, d. 15 Dec 2013
ChartsGartman/Gartmann Family Tree

Oscar John Loersch

Marriage* Oscar John Loersch and Johanna C. Sadlier were married. 


Johanna C. Sadlier

Rose Loesch

Marriage* Rose Loesch and James Holthaus were married. 


James Holthaus

Renee Ann Loew

Edwin Junior Loewe

Marriage* Edwin Junior Loewe and Mary Ellen Frost were married. 

Kristin Elizabeth Loewe

FatherEdwin Junior Loewe
MotherMary Ellen Frost

Carrie Lofald

Leslie Maurice Loff

Shirley Mae Loftis

Marriage* Shirley Mae Loftis and Bob Sims were married. 
Name Variation Shirley Mae Loftis was also known as MeMe. 

Arnold Franklin Loftus

John Arnold Loftus

Mark Allen Loftus

Donna Jean Logan

Marriage* Donna Jean Logan and Bruce Eugene Goette were married. 


Bruce Eugene Goette

Robert M. Logan

Marriage* Robert M. Logan and Doris Lorraine Zuehlke were married. 

Reverend Stanley G. Logan

Adilore Logeais

Marriage* Adilore Logeais and Lavela Triplett were married.