Donna Mae Krause

b. 12 December 1938, d. 2 December 2008
FatherReverend Otto Franz Ferdinand Krause
MotherGertrude Bertha Anna Schultz
Birth*Donna Mae Krause was born on 12 December 1938 at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Tuesday, 2 December 2008 at age 69, she died. 
Funeral*Funeral services were held for Donna Mae Krause on 6 December 2008 at Illinois, USA.. 
Burial On 6 December 2008 Donna Mae Krause was buried at Illinois, USA. Plot: "Section 16N". 

Reverend Edward Krause

Ella Krause

Marriage* Ella Krause and Emanuel Stricker were married. 

Fredricka Krause

Marriage* Fredricka Krause and Albert John Truwe were married. 


Albert John Truwe

Ida Krause

b. 22 January 1870
MotherJulianna (?) b. Aug 1848
Name Variation Ida Krause was also known as Ada. 
Birth*She was born on 22 January 1870 at Germany. 
Marriage* On between April 1885 and June 1885 Ida Krause and Gottlieb George Kelm, son of Michael Ferdinand Kelm and Anna Caroline Pommerainke, were married. 
Burial* Ida Krause was buried at Pennsylvania, USA. 


Gottlieb George Kelm b. 15 Apr 1856, d. 27 Feb 1932
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Louisa Augusta Caroline Krause

Name Variation Louisa Augusta Caroline Krause was also known as Louise Krause. 
Marriage* Louisa Augusta Caroline Krause and Jacob John Hebeisen were married. 


Jacob John Hebeisen

Martha Krause

b. 15 March 1886, d. 12 April 1963
FatherAdolph Reinhold Krause
MotherAugusta W. Richter
Birth*Martha Krause was born on 15 March 1886. 
Marriage* On 31 December 1912 Martha Krause and Johannes Albert Harms, son of Henry Christoph Harms and Elizabeth Schweikert, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 12 April 1963 at age 77, she died at Montana, USA. 
Burial* Martha Krause was buried at Montana, USA. 


Johannes Albert Harms b. 20 Sep 1885, d. 18 Feb 1955
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Maya Kay Krause

Reverend Otto Franz Ferdinand Krause

Marriage* Reverend Otto Franz Ferdinand Krause and Gertrude Bertha Anna Schultz were married. 


Gertrude Bertha Anna Schultz

Reverend Paul Krause

Renee Rita Krause

FatherCarl Oscar Krause
MotherMildred Alma Luebke

Adeline Lena Krautbauer

Marriage* Adeline Lena Krautbauer and Walter Joseph Glatzel were married. 

Carol Lynn Krautbauer

FatherDonald John Krautbauer
MotherHarriet Christina Van Eyll

Donald John Krautbauer

Marriage* Donald John Krautbauer and Harriet Christina Van Eyll were married. 

Edward Krautbauer

Marriage* Edward Krautbauer and Alice Cress were married. 

Helen Bertha Krautbauer

FatherEdward Krautbauer
MotherAlice Cress

Loretta Krautbauer

Marriage* Loretta Krautbauer and Charles Diethelm were married. 


Charles Diethelm

Elizabeth Krautkremer

Marriage* On 25 August 1950 Elizabeth Krautkremer and Lyle M. Ziegler were married. 

Catherine Krayna

Name Variation Catherine Krayna was also known as Kryna. 
Marriage* Catherine Krayna and Martin August Heiland were married. 


Martin August Heiland

Elilza Kreamer

Marriage* Elilza Kreamer and Ronald Cruikshank were married. 


Ronald Cruikshank

August Herman Krebs

Marriage* August Herman Krebs and Rosalie Charlene Mapson were married. 

Carlene Emily Krebs

Marriage* Carlene Emily Krebs and Albert Fred Boettcher were married. 

Keith Krebs

Susan Ann Krebs

FatherAugust Herman Krebs
MotherRosalie Charlene Mapson

Delores Alice Krecklau

FatherElmer H. Krecklau
MotherCerina Schwartzrock