Thomas Lee Johnson

Todd Johnson

Tom Johnson

Tony Ray Johnson

Marriage* Tony Ray Johnson and Debra Dee Rutten were married. 

Trena Johnson

Trish Johnson

Troy James Johnson

FatherJames Francis Johnson
MotherJean Kathleen Schrupp

Unknown #1 Johnson

Unknown #2 Johnson

Unknown Daughter #1 Johnson

Velva Dean Johnson

Victor Wilbert Johnson

FatherMartin John Johnson
MotherIrene Sophia Enter

Vincent Johnson

Virgie Elizabeth Johnson

b. 10 January 1910, d. 18 May 1992
FatherHarry Johnson
MotherAnnie A. Roberts
Birth*Virgie Elizabeth Johnson was born on 10 January 1910 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 29 November 1937 Virgie Elizabeth Johnson and Arnold John Herman Pinz, son of Herman Henry Pinz and Martha Katherine Hohle, were married. 
Death* On Monday, 18 May 1992 at age 82, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
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Walter Johnson

MotherGeneva Hattie Dreier b. 16 Jan 1927, d. 15 Jan 1996

Walter Johnson

Marriage* Walter Johnson and Eva Birkland were married. 

Winston G. Johnson

Lovelle Corrine Johnsrud

b. 18 October 1929, d. 2 November 1996
Mother(?) Larson
Birth*Lovelle Corrine Johnsrud was born on 18 October 1929 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 13 August 1949 Lovelle Corrine Johnsrud and Warren Orville Tvrdik, son of John Tvrdik and Lenora Kamps, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 8 March 1981 Lovelle Corrine Johnsrud and Irvin Charles Klinger, son of Charles Klinger and Rose Kerben, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Saturday, 2 November 1996 at age 67, she died at Minnesota, USA. 


Warren Orville Tvrdik b. 31 Jan 1925, d. 17 May 1959
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Aileen Faith Johnston

Marriage* Aileen Faith Johnston and Mark Arley Helgeson were married. 

Arthur Edward Johnston

Marriage* Arthur Edward Johnston and Wilma Mae Garvey were married. 
Marriage* Arthur Edward Johnston and Vera Louise Erickson were married. 

Arthur M. Johnston

b. May 1868, d. 8 November 1929
Birth*Arthur M. Johnston was born in May 1868 at Ontario, Canada. 
Marriage* On 1911 Arthur M. Johnston and Margaret Paasch, daughter of Peter C. Paasch and Katharina Schreiner, were married at Michigan, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 8 November 1929 at age 61, he died at Michigan, USA. 
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Chris Johnston

Florence Margaret Johnston

b. 1 December 1904, d. 10 September 1996
FatherOle Andrew Johnston
MotherEtta I. Olson
Birth*Florence Margaret Johnston was born on 1 December 1904 at South Dakota, USA. 
Marriage* On circa 1927 Florence Margaret Johnston and Ted Arno Blinkinsop, son of Thomas Blinkinsop and Nancy Noble, were married. 
Death* On Tuesday, 10 September 1996 at age 91, she died at South Dakota, USA. 
Burial* Florence Margaret Johnston was buried at South Dakota, USA. 

Gale Renee Johnston

FatherArthur Edward Johnston
MotherWilma Mae Garvey

Henry W. Johnston

FatherArthur M. Johnston b. May 1868, d. 8 Nov 1929
MotherMargaret Paasch b. 6 May 1882, d. 18 Apr 1960