Bernice Mary Engert

Marriage* Bernice Mary Engert and Perry Le Roy Cheever were married. 

Genovefa Engesser

b. 15 July 1839
FatherSalomon Engesser
MotherBarbara Ritzmann
Birth*Genovefa Engesser was born on 15 July 1839 at Baden. 
Marriage* On 2 May 1861 Genovefa Engesser and Philip Strobel, son of Balthazer Strobel and Krezentia Hirt, were married at Baden, Germany. 


Philip Strobel b. 22 Apr 1837, d. 13 Aug 1893
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Jacob Engesser

Marriage* Jacob Engesser and Maria Agatha Straub were married. 


Maria Agatha Straub

Maria Engesser

b. 30 November 1852, d. 27 January 1934
FatherJacob Engesser
MotherMaria Agatha Straub
Marriage* Maria Engesser and Peter Strobel, son of Balthazer Strobel and Krezentia Hirt, were married. 
Birth*Maria Engesser was born on 30 November 1852 at Baden, Germany. 
Death* On Saturday, 27 January 1934 at age 81, she died at Pennsylvania, USA. 
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Salomon Engesser

Marriage* Salomon Engesser and Barbara Ritzmann were married. 


Barbara Ritzmann

Barbara Edith Engfer

FatherRaymond H. Engfer
MotherHelen Antl

Emma Augusta Bertha Engfer

Marriage* Emma Augusta Bertha Engfer and Herman D. O. Tesch were married. 


Herman D. O. Tesch

Raymond H. Engfer

Marriage* Raymond H. Engfer and Helen Antl were married. 

Julila Engle

Marriage* Julila Engle and Loren Hout were married. 

Edna Engles

Marriage* Edna Engles and Francis J. Deig were married. 


Francis J. Deig

Robert Albert Englin

Marriage* Robert Albert Englin and Joan Darlene Dado were married. 

Victoria Joann Englin

FatherRobert Albert Englin
MotherJoan Darlene Dado

Jessica Kaye English

Nancy English

Wayne K. English

Marie Engmann

Beulah Elaine Engquist

Marla Lynn Engquist

Marlowe Verlyn Engquist

Melanie Daniel Engquist

Francis Matilda Engrisch

Marriage* Francis Matilda Engrisch and William Joseph Pribyl were married. 


William Joseph Pribyl

Edith A. O. Engstrom

b. 17 April 1887, d. 28 February 1919
FatherOlaf Engstrom
Birth*Edith A. O. Engstrom was born on 17 April 1887. 
Marriage* On 12 December 1906 Edith A. O. Engstrom and Heinrich Friedrich Ferdinand Lickfett, son of Hermann Frederick Wilhelm Lickfett and Bertha C. Bielke, were married at Minnesota, USA. 
Death* On Friday, 28 February 1919 at age 31, she died. 
Burial* On 1 March 1919 Edith A. O. Engstrom was buried at Minnesota, USA. Plot: "1A 53". 


Heinrich Friedrich Ferdinand Lickfett b. 28 Apr 1878, d. 8 Apr 1953

John David Engstrom

Olaf Engstrom



Mayme Engvall

Marriage* Mayme Engvall and Gabriel Lyons were married. 
Name Variation Mayme Engvall was also known as Mamie Engvall. 


Gabriel Lyons