Andrea Denholm

Geordie Denholm

George Denholm

Kiara Denholm

Gertrude Denie

b. 10 August 1831, d. 15 December 1908
Marriage* Gertrude Denie and Peter Neutgens, son of Jan Christian Neutgens and Maria Ida Bommen, were married. 
Birth*Gertrude Denie was born on 10 August 1831 at Holland, Netherlands. 
Death* On Tuesday, 15 December 1908 at age 77, she died at Minnesota, USA. 
Burial* Gertrude Denie was buried at Minnesota, USA. 


Peter Neutgens b. 2 Mar 1832, d. 3 Jan 1879
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Elizabeth Sophia Denker

Marriage* Elizabeth Sophia Denker and John Ehler Heinrich Thalmann were married. 


John Ehler Heinrich Thalmann

Johann Christoph Denner

Marriage* Johann Christoph Denner and Charlotte Bahn were married. 

Marvin Dennin

Marriage* Marvin Dennin and Esther Waller were married. 

Phyllis Vernice Dennin

FatherMarvin Dennin
MotherEsther Waller

Ernest Dennis

Marriage* Ernest Dennis and Myrtle Rands were married. 


Myrtle Rands

Louanna Dennis

b. 18 June 1926, d. 6 June 1976
FatherErnest Dennis
MotherMyrtle Rands
Birth*Louanna Dennis was born on 18 June 1926 at Michigan, USA. 
Marriage* Louanna Dennis and Charles Woerner Witte, son of Julius C. Witte and Sophia Woerner, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 6 June 1976 at age 49, she died at Michigan, USA. 
Burial* Louanna Dennis was buried at Michigan, USA. 


Charles Woerner Witte b. 26 Mar 1919, d. 25 Sep 2004
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Mabel Irene Denny

Marriage* Mabel Irene Denny and Harold Ward Rork were married. 

Alexis Alizabeth Deno

Hunter Deno

Kevin William Deno

Scott Evans Harold Deno

Terry Evans Deno

FatherWilliam Robert Deno
MotherJune Elizabeth Battcher

William Robert Deno

Marriage* William Robert Deno and June Elizabeth Battcher were married. 

Dorothy Mary Denzer



Marcie Denzer

FatherMarlen Wallace Denzer b. 21 Jan 1934, d. 28 Oct 1987
MotherBonnie Jean Clouse b. 15 Feb 1938, d. 9 Feb 2012

Marlen David Denzer

d. 17 June 1974
FatherMarlen Wallace Denzer b. 21 Jan 1934, d. 28 Oct 1987
MotherBonnie Jean Clouse b. 15 Feb 1938, d. 9 Feb 2012
Death* On Monday, 17 June 1974, he died. 

Marlen Wallace Denzer

b. 21 January 1934, d. 28 October 1987
FatherWallace Fred Denzer
MotherMargaret L. Ehrich
Birth*Marlen Wallace Denzer was born on 21 January 1934 at Minnesota, USA. 
Marriage* On 27 June 1970 Marlen Wallace Denzer and Bonnie Jean Clouse, daughter of Frank Edwin Clouse and Pearl Elaine McNamara, were married. 
Death* On Wednesday, 28 October 1987 at age 53, he died at Wisconsin, USA. 


Bonnie Jean Clouse b. 15 Feb 1938, d. 9 Feb 2012

Wallace Fred Denzer

Marriage* Wallace Fred Denzer and Margaret L. Ehrich were married. 


Margaret L. Ehrich

(?) DePagter

Angeline DePagter

b. 1915, d. 1977
Birth*Angeline DePagter was born in 1915. 
Marriage* On 31 May 1933 Angeline DePagter and Milton C. Gartman, son of John H. Gartmann and Anna Daehnert, were married. 
Death* In 1977, she died. 


Milton C. Gartman b. 5 Jul 1908, d. 26 Feb 1970
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