Kaylee Dabbs

Lester Elston Dabbs

b. 16 September 1917, d. 14 August 1983
Name Variation Lester Elston Dabbs was also known as Elston. 
Birth*He was born on 16 September 1917 at Texas, USA. 
Marriage* On 1947 Lester Elston Dabbs and Marion Eleanor Clark, daughter of James Raymond Clark Sr. and Anna Helen Eckmeier Hefner, were married. 
Death* On Sunday, 14 August 1983 at age 65, he died at California, USA. 
Burial* Lester Elston Dabbs was buried at California, USA. Plot: "Parkcreek 60-N-148". 
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Matt Dabbs

Mia Dabbs

Paul Charles Dabbs

FatherLester Elston Dabbs b. 16 Sep 1917, d. 14 Aug 1983
MotherMarion Eleanor Clark b. 22 Jan 1923, d. 13 Oct 2013

Thomas Lee Dabbs

FatherLester Elston Dabbs b. 16 Sep 1917, d. 14 Aug 1983
MotherMarion Eleanor Clark b. 22 Jan 1923, d. 13 Oct 2013

Darrel Dach

MotherLilas Retzlaff d. a 14 Apr 1950

John Dach

MotherLilas Retzlaff d. a 14 Apr 1950

Dr. Richard J. Dach

Sharon Dach

MotherLilas Retzlaff d. a 14 Apr 1950

Myron Dack

Joan Darlene Dado

Marriage* Joan Darlene Dado and Robert Albert Englin were married. 

Johanna Christine Wilhelmine Daebel

Marriage* Johanna Christine Wilhelmine Daebel and Martin Frederich Wilhelm Arendt were married. 


Martin Frederich Wilhelm Arendt

Anna Daehnert

b. 15 January 1888, d. 21 July 1948
FatherKarl Daehnert
MotherMathilda Wernecke d. 1909
Birth*Anna Daehnert was born on 15 January 1888 at Brandenburg Province, Prussia. 
Marriage* On circa 1906 Anna Daehnert and John H. Gartmann, son of August Ferdinand Gartmann and Anna Maria Reyer, were married. 
Death* On Wednesday, 21 July 1948 at age 60, she died at Wisconsin, USA. 


John H. Gartmann b. bt Apr 1882 - Dec 1882, d. 1972
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Karl Daehnert

Name Variation Karl Daehnert was also known as Charles. 
Name Variation Karl Daehnert was also known as Carl Dehnert. 
Name Variation Karl Daehnert was also known as Carl Daehnert. 
Marriage* Karl Daehnert and Mathilda Wernecke were married. 


Mathilda Wernecke d. 1909

Elisabetha Daemen

b. 21 February 1694
Marriage* Elisabetha Daemen and Henricus Schulpen, son of Petrus Schulpen and Maria Vincken, were married. 
Birth*Elisabetha Daemen was born on 21 February 1694 at Limburg Province, Netherlands. 

Alma M. Daenzer

b. 13 September 1905, d. 20 April 1977
FatherGeorge M. Daenzer
MotherAnna Magdalena Sibylla Haas
Birth*Alma M. Daenzer was born on 13 September 1905 at Michigan, USA. 
Marriage* On 7 October 1934 Alma M. Daenzer and Otto Henry Danker, son of Henry Danker and Anna (?), were married at Michigan, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 20 April 1977 at age 71, she died at Michigan, USA. 
Burial* Alma M. Daenzer was buried at Michigan, USA. Plot: "Section B". 


Otto Henry Danker b. 11 Apr 1888, d. 6 Oct 1977

George M. Daenzer

Marriage* George M. Daenzer and Anna Magdalena Sibylla Haas were married. 


Anna Magdalena Sibylla Haas

Elsie Mary Dagen

b. 29 October 1900, d. 1932
FatherJohn Dagen
MotherMamie Sedmihradsky
Birth*Elsie Mary Dagen was born on 29 October 1900 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Marriage* On 16 May 1921 Elsie Mary Dagen and William R. Koeppe Sr., son of William Friedrich Koeppe and Louise Heiden, were married at Michigan, USA. 
Death* In 1932, she died at Illinois, USA. 


William R. Koeppe Sr. b. 28 Feb 1898, d. 6 Jul 1970
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John Dagen

Marriage* John Dagen and Mamie Sedmihradsky were married. 


Mamie Sedmihradsky

Connie Lee Daggett

Marriage* Connie Lee Daggett and Vernon John Ulrich were married. 

John Andrew Dagner

Cornelius Daharsh

Marriage* Cornelius Daharsh and Nancy Ann Rothlier were married. 


Nancy Ann Rothlier

Marcia Daharsh

b. November 1840
FatherCornelius Daharsh
MotherNancy Ann Rothlier
Name Variation Marcia Daharsh was also known as Dayharsh. 
Birth*She was born in November 1840 at New York, USA. 
Marriage* On 4 August 1874 Marcia Daharsh and Christian Flaig, son of John George Flaig and Anna (?), were married at Wisconsin, USA. 


Christian Flaig b. bt Jun 1837 - May 1838, d. 24 Sep 1908

Alvin Dahl

b. 2 August 1889
Marriage* Alvin Dahl and Maria Regina Lydia Schmidt, daughter of Johann Adam Christian Schmidt and Anna Maria Katharina Rolf, were married. 
Birth*Alvin Dahl was born on 2 August 1889.