Dan Cowan

Arvilla Mae Cox

Marriage* Arvilla Mae Cox and Charles Emil Enbom were married. 

Cheryl Cox

Darrel Ray Cox

Douglas A. Cox

Ona Cox

Marriage* Ona Cox and William Smith were married. 


William Smith

Victor Stuart Cox

Virginia Marjorie Cox

Austin Phillip Michael Coy

Michael Edmond Coy

Reverend (?) Coyle

Hugh Coyle

Ollie Elsie Coyle

Marriage* Ollie Elsie Coyle and Harold Sylas Degnan were married. 


Harold Sylas Degnan

Patricia Lynn Coyne

Thomas Michael Coyne

Justice of the Peace Robert J. Crable

Frank T. Crabtree

Maria Catherina Craenen

Marriage* Maria Catherina Craenen and Johann Heinrich Gransch were married. 
Name Variation Maria Catherina Craenen was also known as Kranen. 


Johann Heinrich Gransch

Catherine Louise Craig

FatherWilliam Craig
MotherMary Bennett

Cheryl Craig

Reverend Dan Craig

William Craig

Marriage* William Craig and Mary Bennett were married. 

Linda Carol Craighead

Marriage* Linda Carol Craighead and Robert William Heger were married. 

Frederick Thomas Crail

b. 4 September 1926
Birth*Frederick Thomas Crail was born on 4 September 1926 at California, USA. 
Marriage* Frederick Thomas Crail and Georgia R. White were married. 

Carissa Marie Crain