Howard J. Carpenter

Marriage* Howard J. Carpenter and Teresa M. Coppersmith were married. 

Jalen Riley Carpenter

Judith Diane Carpenter

Marriage* Judith Diane Carpenter and Raymond Roy Grams were married. 

Lincoln Landon Carpenter

Norman Henry Carpenter

b. 30 November 1929, d. 13 August 1997
Birth*Norman Henry Carpenter was born on 30 November 1929 at Wisconsin, USA. 
Death* On Wednesday, 13 August 1997 at age 67, he died at Wisconsin, USA. 

Samantha Isabelle Carpenter

Samiah Leigh Carpenter

Steven Lee Carpenter

Marriage* Steven Lee Carpenter and Rhonda Jean Muir were married. 

Joyce Marie Carpentier

Marriage* Joyce Marie Carpentier and Melvin Victor Wanke were married. 
Marriage* Joyce Marie Carpentier and Richard George Henry were married. 

Bernice E. Carr

Marriage* Bernice E. Carr and Frank R. Buzaitis were married. 

Randall William Carr

Selma Orlin Carr

Marriage* Selma Orlin Carr and Thomas Maurice Ryan were married. 

Stacy Marie Carr

Stephanie Lee Carr

Rose Carrico

(?) Carrier

Glenn W. Carrier

Carolyn Virginia Carriere

FatherThomas Carriere
MotherVirginia Curfman


Richard Edward Malvick b. 24 Jun 1942, d. 22 Apr 2015

Mary Ann Jeannette Carriere

Marriage* Mary Ann Jeannette Carriere and Albert Eugene Teubert were married. 

Thomas Carriere

Marriage* Thomas Carriere and Virginia Curfman were married. 

Bernard Carrigan

Carol June Carrigan

Marriage* Carol June Carrigan and Gladwin James Chelin were married. 

Gary Lee Carrigan

MotherAlice Martha Haas b. c 1923, d. 1 Feb 1949

Dawn Leta Carrington

Harry Exavior Carriveau

Marriage* Harry Exavior Carriveau and Marguerite Catherine Prew were married.